Steel Lily

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I really enjoyed reading this book! 

Avery Pike is a commodity in her Dome. She is basically their best asset for keeping their little slice of their world up and running. But her parents just up and dissappeared years earlier, and all she has left is her best friend, Alice.
 This world is set in the future(around 2077) and all Avery wants is to be left alone, live in peace and find out what happened to her parents...

Enter Atticus Riggs, the head and leader of Dome 7.
So Riggs sneaks into Avery`s Dome and lures her away with promises of a better world, and the selling point, info about her parents..

The overall story is well thought out and planned. Even though there is some action start to finish the story still has a very slow build. Once I got past the middle I couldn't putt it down!!

There are some areas where you really find yourself questioning what’s going on...and  you have no idea who to trust... and this is what I love in this book!!

 It’s a great book if you like YA dystopian you will not be disappointed with this book!!

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