Zero at the Bone

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Zero at the Bone

The plot it was amazing!!I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy thrillers and romantic suspense while appreciating a slow build romance.

Zero at the Bone is about a surgeon(Jack) whose life is in peril when he becomes a witness to a mob hit..D is an assassin and he can choose and what he doesn't want to do..But this time he can't refuse,he is blackmailed into killing Jack.When D meets Jack, he really isn't able to kill the man,the innocence of the man is clear in his eyes and D is tired to let people die due to an event that isn't their fault. 
So they go on the run and are forced to work together to keep unknown forces from killing them both.Not knowing who to trust or where to turn except to each other...

The relationship between Jack and D is intense and emotional.

Jack definitely is the more expressive type and his personality fits with why he doesn’t let things drop with D.He’s curious and honest.The last fact makes for amusing moments when he finally admits his attraction to D and what will happen from there on.His devotion to D!! He starting worries over why he allowed himself and D to develop a relationship. 

D is yummy with a sexy accent assasin!!His blunt nature especially with Jack is a great set up for laughs and smiles.I apreciate how layered he was!!D turns from enemy to protector and he appoints himself the only protector of Jack...

The ending was what I wanted for Jack & D!!Setting up home,loving and caring for each other and having a happy life together. 

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