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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"Writing erotica is like fucking someone for the first time.You aren't sure exactly what he wants yet so you try to give him everything he could possibly want.Everything and enything..."

Nora is a successful erotica writer..She has been picked up by Royal House Publishing for her next book..She needs guidance along the way and she wants nothing but the best editor..Zach.He agrees to edit the book with one condition that she re-writes the book.She has six weeks to turn out the book.This book is deeper and more emotional and its based on her personal life.. 

Nora is sexy as hell and funny!We see how strong her character is in facing her decisions,not only in her relationships but also when facing her most complicated challenges..

Three men desire her..Wesley,Soren and Zach

Zach when he meets Nora he quickly falls for her..She is unlike anything that he has ever seen before.. she draws him deeper into the dangerous world in which she lives and opens his eyes to pleasures and pains he'd never imagined.

Soren was the most difficult character for me..I didn’t like him.Some of you may have an issue with what Soren is..But I won't tell you..You must to read it ;)) 

He didn’t play with anyone else and he didn’t want anyone else...

Wesley <3 <3 He is so cute!!!

He is one of my favorite characters in this book!!He is a determined virgin who lives under the same roof with sexy Nora!He really cares about Nora..and we see it throughout book.My heart hurts for him so much in the end :/I really want him to be happy..

""I'll try.I'll try to be what you need me to be.I know I'm not like you but I can try.It's worth it if I can be with you."

An amazing book!!If you think you can handle BDSM then read it RIGHT NOW!!!

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