Saturday, July 13, 2013


**ARC provided by an author in exchange for honest review** 

A lovely story between two people that have to confront the demons from the past… 

Lindsay at the age of 17, was abused by her friend, and for that reason she is trying to hide. She ends up in Hawaii. She signed up to the University and she found a job in a bar…

where she met Nick. Nick was a soldier to Afganistan and he went to Hawaii because he has his own reasons to looking for a hide out…Something happened to Afganistan that couldn’t let him feel calm again. He is studying to the same university with Lindsay, and he is trying to start a new life...

At the same time he is seeing a psychologist, and he is trying to forget what happened to the past..

He is not ready for any relationship but when he is meeting the cute waitress Lindsay…WOW!He is willing to do everything for her.He needs her next to him and he is doing many efforts to make her his girlfriend and to meet her better..

He is teaching her how to surf and they both are volunteers in a group campus Students Against Domestic Abuse (SOADA).

For Lindsay wasn’t so easy at the beginning to trust him.It was so hard and painful for her, even to try.

“I could hear my heartbeat drumming in my ears and it made me hate Nick. Hate that he did this to me. Hate that I couldn’t control how I felt when he was near”. 

So when they eventually become a couple, and they start to spent many hours together, and to live with passion,

Lindsay has some issues..and she is leaving…something that I didn't found it smart at all...

But of course Nick regrets this decision and he is going to find her...

“ I am going to find her, and make sure she’s alright because I do love her”. 

Another very interesting character was Gabe…he is funny, charming and fabulous friend. He is advising Nick for many things. Raoul and Ieesa, the bar owners are fantastic. Raoul was like a father for Lindsay.

Can't wait for the next book :))

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