The Bronze Horseman

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bronze Horseman 

The story of Tatiana and Alexander is the most amazing, heart stopping, love story ever written!!!!!

I read the Bronze Horseman in two days!!Simons takes you on such an emotional ride you cannot help but feel everything that the hero and heroine go through..
I can´t convey into words how much i adore this book!!!I devour it every world.It is the story about Tatiana and Alexander the most beautiful love story ever written.The book grabs you and holds you because you have to see what is going to happen to these characters.

The Bronze Horseman begins on 22 June 1941 in Leningrad, when war is declared between the Soviet Union and Germany. A 17-year-old girl named Tatiana is sent out to buy food supplies by her father. As she sits in her white dress with red roses, at the bus stop, eating her favourite crème brulée ice cream, her eyes meet those of a young soldier named Alexander Belov, who is standing across the street.As Alexander crosses the street, inexplicably drawn to this innocent blonde girl with freckles, thus begins, a tale so moving that I will never ever forget it.
Alexander is the soldier that Tatiana’s sister, Dasha, had declared herself “in love with” just that very morning, before Alexander and Tatiana’s fateful meeting.But it is lies,secrets and fears that eat at their souls and will threaten to tear them apart....

Both Alexander and Tatiana were extraordinary characters. They will stick with me forever..... 
Tatiana is lovable.She is one amazing girl.Her heart's just as big as Alexander's and it's all his.This couple gave a whole new meaning to the saying behind every strong man stands an even stronger woman. 

Alexanter how can you Not love him???

How can you not FEEL Tatiana's love for him and his for her.It was palpable!I am in love with him!!!Alexander is the most amazing guy ever. He has the biggest heart and cares so much for the ones he loves. He'll walk through fire for them and give up everything he has.Also there were moments I was so angry at Alexander that it broke my heart. And there were moments when the intensity of Alexander’s love and protectiveness for Tatia made me love him so much it hurt. My GOD!! The way he loved her?! Be still my heart!

After getting the illusion that maybe everything will work itself out in the end, the author goes ahead and ripps your heart out with an ending that will make you numb with sadness....

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