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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Can someone tell me where I can found a man like Shy???? Please...!!!
Tabitha is the daughter of Chaos Club President and she has been getting into trouble for three years...
Shy a member of Chaos has had enough of 'Tabby Callouts' and decides to tame her wild side and teach her a lesson.Unfortunately Shy is wrong about Tabby and his lesson hurts Tabby deeply...
I love that the first 15% of this book was completely from Shy's POV.It really gives us a chance to see where he is coming from and connect with him as a character We met him in Motorcycle Man & knew he was a stand up guy, but we didn't really know him. Out to protect his 'family'.It's obvious to the reader that he has feelings beyond a family bond for Tabby, but of course he doesn't realize this. I think that's what makes the first chunk of this book so emotionally.Watching him struggle with his feelings, and guilt trying to do the right thing...
It really pained me to watch the chain of unfortunate events and time spent leading up to Shy & Tabby's 'brokenness' to their bonding.
And when they finally came together...Holu shit!!!

I just loved Tabby and I know you will too.I loved how she dealt with being the daughter of Tack and how she did dealt with her problems. And Shy wow he is in my top 5 favorite Kristen Ashley men!!!Shy is hot, sexy, smart, loyal, loving.I can go on and on.The only problem is that he doesnt like to do laundry or vacuum I can put up with that :) :) 
Together they are hot,intence and imotional..

"I dreamed a dream when I was sixteen and here I am, standing with my dream, feeling it come real." 

Another amazing book from Kristen Ashley!!!

My Shy and Tab

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