Sins and Needles

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


She is a con artist...

That’s what Ellie Watt,with the thousands of other names,is..
After a fake bride scam goes wrong she goes back to her childhood town to rebuild her life legitimately.... 
When she hits her hometown she runs into a blast from the past...

Camden McQueen used to be the freak who dressed all in Goth.At one time he was her only friend until she let peer pressure destroy their relationship...

"I'm not bad. The world is bad and I'm just trying to survive in it.”

This is a new Camden!!He is sexy,tattoo artist...

He is nothing like the boy she left behind in high school..He’s talented and they have an intense attraction to each other that she can’t wait to consummate.She keep her mind to do one last job…

Ellie is such a real character!At first I disliked her but then I love her!She is shaped by events from when she is a young girl and crime is really the only way she knows how to get ahead.
Camden is equally hurt.His scars might not be on display like Ellie’s but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.There is such a range to who he is, to who he was,and I couldn’t help but feel for him..

Both characters are damaged by their childhoods.The physical and emotional baggage they carry around with them is what made this story so interesting..
Glimpses of the past give a better understanding of their personalities and relationships..

"You're so afraid,Ellie Watt.You're afraid to show the world what you're really like.You're afraid to come peace with your scars,because the minute you acept them you have to let go of your anger.And then who would you be?" I don't know"

About Javier I have to say one thing if Ellie Watt falls for him again, I'll hit her with all my strenght!!

The ending was...holy shit!!!!

Cant wait for the second book!!!!

Favourite quotes

"There's no one else I wanted to love"
"No one who deserved it more than you" 

"I love you"
"From until the end under any name you choose"

"It's like art Ellie"
Like an abstract painting.You can find art and beauty in everything.If you look hard enough,but your beauty is just staring you in the face." 

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