Officer Off Limits

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Officer Off Limites


If you’re looking for a sexy,hot,steamy read full of emotional you must read Officer off limits!!


just got dumped two weeks before her wedding..and she receives the news that her father has had a heart attack.She must go in NY to her father...There she meet the hottie officer Daniel who doesn't hesitate to put his moves on her...

The chemistry between them is undeniably hot and you can't wait until these two fall into bed together...

“When I finally get inside you, I’m going to fuck you until your voice is hoarse from screaming my name.”

I love the skills that he uses against her.Daniel's intensity of emotion for Story drives him to be aggressive and overwhelming and it is so hot and sexy!!He's definitely an alpha male!!

He doesn’t hold anything back when he tries to get someone he wants.Daniel is definitely a sexy,yummy and hot guy.He sure knows how to turn you on and make you beg for it!!He’s such a good guy and you can’t help but feel for him after what he went through.I loved that he could be so sensitive and then sexy!!

There were plenty hilarious scenes throught the book.I laughed out loud the most times.

Wow the sex scenes were amazing!!!I love all of them especially the one in the car!!

"Do you feel that,gorgeous? I keep my c@ck hot and hard for you. Only you. Any time you want it, you just crawl right onto my lap and take what you need."
"I need it now."

If you haven’t read it..start it immediately!!!!

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