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Saturday, October 07, 2023

 Today I’m excited to participate in the Creative Blog Tour for Stars Like Acid by Marissa Lupe hosted by MTMC Tours.  Divergent meets The Handmaid’s Tale in a world that is hellbent on bringing Téa to her knees. Stars Like Acid is the first book in a Sci-fi Fantasy Dystopian series and it was published on September 18th, 2023 from Howlite Publishing LLC!



Title: Stars Like Acid

Author: Marissa Lupe

Publication Date: September 18th, 2023
Publisher: Howlite Publishing LLC
Series: Stars Like Acid #1
Genres: Sci-Fi Fantasy, Dystopian
Pages: 371

Format: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

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Téa, a Latina soldier in training, is used to standing her ground in a world that seems hellbent on bringing her to her knees. Orphaned at age five and held captive on a military base for most of her life, she barely remembers a time before the government controlled her every move.


Now, fifteen years later, the Earth is dying, a resistance is forming, and the corrupt government is hoarding resources and information that could save the world. When Téa is forced to marry the son of a terrifying general, she stumbles across a dark secret that could finally dismantle her power-hungry father-in-law’s regime and offer her a chance at freedom.


Humans are evolving in dangerous and powerful ways, and Téa may be the most powerful one of them all.


Meanwhile, Annabelle, another of Earth’s many orphans, has lived a mostly charmed life. That is if you don’t count the fact that she’s technically a prisoner. Drifting among the stars on Space Station Luna—the top-secret government lifeboat built to save Earth’s ruling class—Annabelle has everything she needs and the woman she loves by her side.


But when Téa ends up at the space station, she unravels a web of deceptions that send both women reeling and make one thing perfectly clear: the secrets that connect Téa and Annabelle may be powerful enough to turn the tides of war, save the planet, and set the people free.


This was such a great read , I haven’t read many sci-fi books but this one was interesting , the topics in the story make it interesting! Here you’ll find a future world which is damaged because the government is the one who controls everything! I loved  Tea & Annabelle we get dual pov so we can have a better view of everything! There are twist and turns through the story and also the writing is compelling! 


Blurbs from Authors:
“In a dystopian future where the government controls every aspect of citizens’ lives, Téa must navigate a world where survival is a constant battle. When offered the chance at what feels like freedom but might cost her everything, she must decide what being free truly means. Where Divergent meets The Handmaid's Tale, this gripping speculative tale asks whether love, like life, can flourish under the direst and darkest circumstances. Marissa Lupe’s Stars Like Acid asks trenchant questions about the choices we make for ourselves and the greater good.” -Jennifer Givhan, author of Trinity Sight and River Woman, River Demon


"A sweeping and mesmerizing debut from Marissa Lupe finds two powerful and compelling young women coming together and changing the course of history forever." -Sunyi Dean, author of The Book Eaters


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Ends on October 14th, 2023. Winner will be announced on @mtmctours’ Instagram account.


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About Marissa Lupe:

Marissa, Latina (she/her) of mixed heritage, has always found her safe place in the world of stories. Now, she’s creating her own worlds in the scope of speculative fiction, and hopes to provide the same joy to her readers.

She spent many years volunteering with children in foster care and group homes which greatly influenced her writing.

Beyond writing, Marissa enjoys anything artsy and creative, like making jewelry, painting, and photography.

She currently lives in the Rocky Mountains of western Colorado with her family, connecting with the soul of the Earth through the appreciation of nature.

Website | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok


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