Review The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese

Monday, December 13, 2021

 He loathes the holidays. She loves them. She’s full of festive cheer. He’s brimming with Bah, Humbugs. Besides unreasonably seasonable names, the only thing Jonathan

Frost and Gabriella Di Natale have in common is a healthy dose of mutual contempt. Well, that and the same place of employment at the city’s most beloved independent bookstore, Bailey’s Bookshop. But when the store’s owners confess its dire financial state, Jonathan and Gabby discover another unfortunate commonality: the imminent threat of unemployment.

With the Baileys’ requests to minimize expenses, win new customers, and make record sales dancing in their heads, Jonathan and Gabby conclude—barring a financial Christmas miracle—one of them will soon be cut from the payroll. Neither are willing to step down from their position, so they strike a bargain: whoever has more sales in December gets to stay on in the new year; the loser will resign. With a lifetime's worth of festive tricks up her sleeve, Gabby should easily outsell her nemesis, except the unreadable Mr. Frost’s every move seems purely designed to throw her off her game.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Gabby's deceptive ex won't quit pursuing her, and her anonymous online friend suggests they take a break. Worst of all, as the pressure mounts to save the bookshop and her job, Gabby meets a new, tender side of Jonathan. Is this the same man she's called her cold-hearted enemy?


This was super cute exactly what I needed.I loved Gabby and Jonathan's relationship .They have such a great banter these two, sigh they were so adorable and sexy at the same time.

”What is it?” “Your capacity for joy,” he says quietly. “It’s…humbling.” A compliment from Jonathan Frost. And not just any compliment—one that makes the heart of me feel seen and glowing, like candlelight spilling from a window on a dark, cold night.”

I love reading Christmas books and this one was amazing to put me on the spirit of Christmas, it's so heatwarming and the story is enjoyable.I loved the writing and it was fast paced too!

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