Review The Heartbreak Club by Eva Woods

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


The first rule of heartbreak club is - get your heart broken. That's all really.
Caroline's heart broke when her husband took his own life.
Josh's heart broke when his wife was killed in an accident.
And somehow, talking to a group of strangers once a week doesn't seem to be helping either of them.
Until Sylvia arrives.

When she lost her own partner two years ago, she fell apart and had to put herself back together. Most of all she wished for the help of someone who'd been through it already. And now she's here to pass her handbook on to those who need it most.

The problem is, following Sylvia's rules means looking to the future. And Caroline and Josh each need some answers from their past before they can even think about that...


This one took me by surprise.I couldn't expect to like it so much as I did.For some reason it touch me so much, it was intense and emotional.

Caroline and Josh bith dealing with the loss of someone they loved.They’ve both been attending the grief support group every week , hoping to help them to move on to their lives.

I loved the writing a lot and the characters were captivating.It felt realistic and it was full of emotions.

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