Review Twisted Marriage by Alessandra Torre

Monday, October 14, 2019

Some sexual actions have consequences...

We thought we could branch outside of the norm. Explore my sexual fantasies. Dip our toes in a kinky pond just to see how it felt.

But you can't have sex with your husband's best friend in front of him without consequences. Ripples in the pond. A subtle shifting of events and feelings and triggers that will eventually affect every core molecule of your marriage. Your friendships. Your life.

Once I knelt down between the two of them, everything changed. And now, I'm faced with wading in deeper or drying off my pink manicured toes and trying to pretend it never happened.

They say that three is a crowd, but what about four?
What about more?
This is the truth of what I started when I confessed my desires and he gave them to me. 


Another fantastic read,super hot,sensual and passionate!This book picks up where Filthy Vows left off !I seriously loved everything about this story, be prepared to read the hottest book ever!Seriously it's not to be read in public!

Easton and Elle are my favorite couple and I wish if I have another relationship to be like them!They have a strong connection and even though they had some ups and downs they stay together!

If you are looking for a hot read this is the one!

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