Meet Your Next Boyfriend Grant Bulldozer by P. Dangelico

Friday, February 15, 2019

Welcome  on the Meet Your Next Boyfriend Tour.I couldn't choose a better man than Grant from
Bulldozer by P. Dangelico .  

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Foxy Blogs for having me and for creating this amazing tour. 

The tour line up is here:

Favorite Quotes

"He reminds me of that blond guy in Sex in the City"
"You know the one- the cute guy Samantha dates.What's his name?"
"Smith Jarrod.Only bigger."
"Who cares. He's a douchebag ."

"You're everything a girl could wish for."
"Did you wish for me?"

He looks a little lost and a lot anxious. How can he not know his value? How can he not know he’s the best thing since the invention of fire, and Krispy Kreme donuts and drive-thru Starbucks and e-readers? How can he not know that I love him completely and entirely? I place a chaste kiss on his lips. “No. But only because I stopped believing men as good as you existed.”

“This is the best summer I’ve ever had,” he says so softly it’s barely above a whisper. “You’re the best time I’ve ever had.”

Grant is fantastic, he is seriously like the guy from The Sex and The City!!He is so swoon worthy!!


❤5 amazing stars ❤

I don't know where to start my review with this one, it's simply amazing!P. Dangelico delivers a heartwarming , sweet story with the great amount of humor and a slow burn romance that will keep your interest till the end!

"Nudity is obviously a lifestyle choice for him.There isn't even a faded tan line cutting across his cheeks."


I fall in love with Amanda and Grant!Amanda is a strong heroine, I liked her she is so realistic.She is protective and she cares a lot for Sam.She tries to be better for him.Grant is exactly what Camilla said!

The first time Camilla and Grant met was hilarious.I laughed so much!

I love the build up, it's slow and felt so realistic.I like the slow burn, there was some intense moments between them.Also the secondary characters brought a lot to the story.

Overall, it was an amazing story.I can't choose which boy is my favorite in this series! Each one have something to give you! But I can say Grant is so salon worthy!


For a beat we stare at each other, neither of us voicing the undeniable truth that something is happening between us. Something deep and real and scary.
He pins me to the side of the pool, his arms framing mine, and leans closer. I can’t pry my eyes away from his lips, full and slick with water.
“You make me want to try,” he quietly confesses.
I’ve told myself a thousand times to stop thinking about the way he looks at me. Or that he’s so sweet with Sam it brings tears to my eyes every time I watch those two interact. Or that Roxy fell hard and fast in love with him from the outset and everyone knows dogs are the best judges of character.
I’ve told myself to stop staying awake at night wanting him but he makes it nearly impossible. His eyes fall to my lips and I swallow, goose bumps breaking out from my hairline to my toes.
“Try what?” I ask in an equally quiet voice. Reaching out, I dare to run my fingertips over the short beard from the side of his face to his chin. His thick lashes beaded with water flutter shut.
“Be a better man for you.”
“You’re the best man I know already…nothing to try for.”
“You keep at it like that and I’m going to kiss you,” those perfectly shaped lips murmur. It sounds like a threat and a promise and part of me hopes it’s both.

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