AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas

Monday, June 06, 2016

A twist of fate . . .
Devon Ravenel, London's most wickedly charming rake, has just inherited an earldom. But his powerful new rank in society comes with unwanted responsibilities . . . and more than a few surprises. His estate is saddled with debt, and the late earl's three innocent sisters are still occupying the house . . . along with Kathleen, Lady Trenear, a beautiful young widow whose sharp wit and determination are a match for Devon's own.
A clash of wills . . .
Kathleen knows better than to trust a ruthless scoundrel like Devon. But the fiery attraction between them is impossible to deny—and from the first moment Devon holds her in his arms, he vows to do whatever it takes to possess her. As Kathleen finds herself yielding to his skillfully erotic seduction, only one question remains:
Can she keep from surrendering her heart to the most dangerous man she's ever known?

Well I'm very glad I decided to give this book a second chance and listen to it instead.
I had a go at it earlier this year but had to DNF because I didn't like the characters very much. Honestly though, I may have been a bit rash in my decision because while they may have been a bit caustic to each other in the beginning as the story progressed they became much more agreeable. In the same breath I will say Devon and Kathleen were possibly the most argumentative couple I have ever read.
Kathleen especially *snickers

“Never apologize to women. It only confirms that you were wrong, and incenses them further.”

Having finally finished this book and thoroughly enjoying it. I will say that I feel like it is best read as an introduction to the Ravenel's and the characters we will read about in future books. While I enjoyed reading about Devon and Kathleen's relationship it was suddenly over shadowed by the entrance of Mr Rhys Winterborne. Winterborne's character had such a strong presence that I found myself wanting to read more about him and his interactions with Helen.

“Helen spent three days in Rhys Winterbornes's room babbling incessantly while he lay there feverish and mostly silent. She became heartily tired of the sound of her own voice, and said something to that effect near the end of the second day."I'm not," he said shortly. "Keep talking.”

What's more, is that I absolutely fell in love with the twins, Pandora and Cassandra and I cannot wait to read Pandora's story since she seems to be the more eccentric twin.

Another character that stole my heart was West, Devon's brother. Which was a complete surprise since I disliked him in the beginning and wasn't even sure if I could trust him. You may wonder why I'm waxing poetic about every character other than the two main characters, Kathleen and Devon...

While I didn't hate Kathleen or Devon even if did find Kathleen unnecessarily argumentative. She bull-dosed past many of Devon's decisions. And when it came down to Helen and Winterborne she made up her own mind without even consulting Helen. Angel that Helen is, would never tell her off. But still. Sighs. Kathleen tended to act like the wet dishrag in most situations even going as far as seeming like a nagging fish wife or a boring aunt. At her age. Good grief.

“The purpose of society is to prevent natural behavior.”

If you're reading this and wondering why the 4 star rating. It is for the story in its entirety, While Kathleen, did annoy me at times but she had her moments. And the rest of the characters managed to dim out her faults making this a top notch read for me.

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