NEW REVIEW: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashley

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Lady Isabella Scranton scandalized London by leaving her husband, notorious artist Lord Mac Mackenzie, after only three turbulent years of marriage. But Mac has a few tricks to get the Lady back in his life, and more importantly, back into his bed.

"God, you're sweet." Mac licked across her lips, tasting her morning tea laced with sugar. "Sweet little debutante I stole from under Papa's nose."

Two books into this series and I'm left with a stupid smile on my face  after both books! Mac and Isabella's story was quite different to Ian and Beth's because of the obvious difference: Mac and Isabella were already married but had separated. In the first book there were hints at the dynamic of their relationship but nothing about what might have be caused the separation. Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage is told in alternating past and present account, but mostly present and past only when necessary which I loved because flashbacks can get quite tedious. 

I started this series after the reading the glowing praise it had recieved on Amazon and Goodreads and one unanimous fact I grabbed on to was that the Mackenzie brother's are alpha, possessive and protective. While Ian, was all these things, I found Mac to be a much tamer version don't get me wrong I loved him but the circumstances called for a much softer approach and I was really impressed with how the author handled. it.

If Mac hadn't been who exactly who he was-charming, outrageous, funny, seductive, sensual, and unpredictable-Isabelle would never have fallen in love with him.

When Mac and Isabella were married he played the part of the wayward but faithful husband. Mac was and in still is a very eccentric man, not surprising for an artist. He never thought much about bringing a model to his home and drawing her with Isabella watching. He would go on escapades with his unruly friends, drinking and just plain not acting like a married man. When Isabella finally had enough she left him. Ian has since seen the error of his ways would do anything to get his wife back. He begins a seduction of his wife to get her back into his life and his bed.

This book was lush, sexy, funny but had a few heartbreaking moments, you'll read about the hurt that Mac and Isabella suffered because of each other, you'll also learn about everything they lost. And again while this book was wildly romantic and made me swoon it was also very real. Alcoholism and the effects of a miscarriage on a marriage are very real subjects. Highly recommended! 

"I don't want a taste, Isabella. I want all of you. Again and again, for the rest of our lives. That's what marriage means, my wife. Together forever. Bound in love."


  1. I read the fourth one and really enjoyed it! Happy that you are liking this series! I really like it too! :) Should get back to it! :)

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