NEW REVIEW: The Earl Takes All by Lorraine Heath

Friday, April 29, 2016

One summer night, Edward Alcott gives in to temptation and kisses Lady Julia Kenney in a dark garden. However, the passion she stirs within him is best left in the shadows as she weds his twin, the Earl of Greyling. But when tragedy strikes, to honor the vow he makes to his dying brother, Edward must pretend to be Greyling until the countess delivers her babe.
After her husband returns from a two-month sojourn, Julia finds him changed. Bolder, more daring, and more wicked—even if he does limit their encounters to kisses. With each passing day, she falls more deeply in love.
For Edward the embers of desire sparked on that long-ago night are quickly rekindled. He yearns to be her husband in truth. But if she discovers his ruse, she will despise him—and English law prevents him from marrying his brother’s widow. Yet he must dare to risk everything and reveal his secrets if he is to truly take all.

3.5 Agonizing Stars!

She pressed a finger to his lips. He stilled, his eyes searching hers.
"If you kiss me, I'll be lost," she told him.
"I'll find you, lead you back."

Well that was all sorts of angsty! I've been looking forward to Edward and Julia's story ever since I finished reading the first book in this series, personally I felt it was quite difficult to judge Julia, Edward and Albert from what I learned in the Falling Into Bed With a Duke book but if I'm going to be honest I would say that Julia seemed to be quite the controlling wife, Albert was a bit of a drip and Edward was misunderstood.

The Earl Takes All, starts of with Edward pretending to be his brother burying himself (yes I know quite confusing). I kinda felt bad for the guy since there was quite a bad turn out at his funeral and very few kind words to be said. Of course Edward's friends Lock and Ashe never fell for it but the rest of London did, including Julia.

Like I said this was quite an angsty book, Edward constantly had to deny himself, had to live through the shame of wanting his dead brother's wife and also go through the pain of losing his brother. A brother that he loved dearly.

Now before you call Julia stupid, trust me she wasn't and because I don't want to spoil I will say that she dealt with everything in the best way she could have. This is going to be a short review so if you're planning on reading this book be prepared for a well of emotions, sexual tension and angst. Bucket loads of it.

"Most are lucky to be loved once. Why should I be fortunate enough to be loved twice, to have happiness twice? I'm afraid fate will snatch it away if I reach for it again."
"So I'll be denied because you don't trust fate? Fate can go to the devil, Julia. Place your trust in me."

Final thoughts? While Falling Into Bed With a Duke was indeed my favourite (Lord Ashe *swoons*), I did enjoy this angsty little read. I'm a sucker for forbidden love, and this book definitely made it onto my list of forbidden reads!

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