Arc review Lev by Belle Aurora

Monday, October 12, 2015

From the moment Lev Leokov spots the young woman hiding behind her hair in the middle of the gentleman's club, he can't take his eyes off of her. 
For the very first time in his life, he is affected. Having been told his entire life that he can't process or understand emotion, he considers it a big deal. 

When Mina Harris gets caught red-handed with a wallet that isn't hers, she falls apart. She's tired, lonely and hasn't eaten in days. 

Lev offers her an ultimatum... A nice warm bed, a hot meal and a job, or the cops. 

Mina takes her chances with Lev. 
After all, a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.


5 LEV <3  <3 STARS

"You deserve better than the unfortunate life you were dealt."

Such an amazing story *sigh* I loved it so much!!Belle Aurora did an amazing job with this funny,emotional,intense story!I loved everything, the story,the characters even the secondary characters were so captivating that you can't stop yourself from loving them all!!Mina and Lev will be now a part of my heart!


Mina is homeless..she struggles to survive,she can't find a place to live and food.She decides to go on a strip club where she tries to steal a wallet for a man.. But she doesn't get away before Lev stops her.What Mina doesn't expect is to change her life after this incident!Lev wants to help her and protect her but he doesn't know why he feels like that for her.He decides to offer her a choice!A place to stay and a job or she can be arrested by the police.Mina decides to get the job!And as she works, she becomes a part of Lev's family.

"I found her, and I was keeping her."

I'm so in love with Lev,this man...he stole my heart!!He has everything I want in a male hero and much more!I can't stop thinking about him..He immediately become one of my top book boyfriends!It's been a long time since I felt like this about a book character ..He is cute,protective,smart,sweet,funny and super hot!I could talk about him for hours..Mina is one of the best heroines I have ever meet.Even though she has a tough life she is strong and she doesn't loose her humor!Also she is so sweet and cute! I loved how Mina and Lev start knowing one another.You can feel what an amazing connection they have!They are simply perfect for each other!!


Apart from the main characters I loved Lev's family and especially his sister!Nastasia is such a sweetheart and I like her moments with Mina!I love Belle's writing! She has the best sense of humor!So far I loved all the books I have read from her and each story is unique!I'm so excited for you guys,can't wait to meet Lev!He is going to stole your hearts!

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