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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Title: Choices...
Author: Sarah Ann Walker
Genre: Dark Psychological Romance
Published: July 3, 2015
"Crying, I can't help but realize, nothing in life can destroy you faster than your own choices..."

Samantha Newman is awesome.
She has best friends, a soul mate, and the love of her life.
She is loved, and she loves in return.
She is sexy, intelligent, successful, and happy.
People gravitate toward her, and live for her love...
Until she has an accident.

Recovering, things begin changing in and around her.
Samantha is no longer loved and trusted, and she's no longer happy.
When her life becomes little more than grey darkness,
She slowly loses everyone who ever mattered to her.
Through a series of choices made,
Samantha become nothing but a memory of her former self."

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**** 4,5 stars ****

This a story about Samantha, estranged form her parents, she finds a family in a group of friends (Neil, Daniel, Olivia and Heather) who love her and she loves them in return. She has it all, she is smart, beautiful, happy and surrounded by love. She is recovering from a break up with her long term boyfriend, last months haven't been easy on her but thanks to help from friends, she finally is strong and ready to move on. Everything in her life is good again, that is until a tragic car accident. After that, all goes wrong, there is string of choices to be made and somehow, every choice she makes, has consequences and make her lose her friends one by one, make her lose everything and everyone she has ever loved.

And then we have that ending, totally unexpected and kudos to author for that. I was shocked and it left me reeling, I needed to take a break and sleep on it to write this review.

It made me question the whole book and brought a new light on everything that happened. It made the book complete, because while reading you can't help but thinking where this all is leading to.

This is one of those books where I would like an alternative ending as a bonus or something like that. It doesn't mean I didn't like the one that was there, contrary, I found it very fitting in the end, but.... Yeah, but, I think I would like Samantha to choose different, I would like her to fight so she could make different choices given another chance. But hey, not my place to say how the book should be written, I am to read and enjoy, and I did, enormously so!

This book is not your typical romance, but it is about love, just different kind, not romantic one, but deep, heart warming and soul-wrenching, friendship kind of love. It is emotionally charged and full of unexpected, it kept me on my toes and made me shed a few tears along. One thing for sure, it will leave you gutted. And you need to be patient, because only after reading the whole thing and thinking on it for a while, you will get the whole picture.

Sarah Ann Walker is a Scottish Canadian who was raised in Canada, where she attended McMaster University as an English major. In 2002 Sarah met and married her American husband and they chose to remain in Canada together where they raise their son.

In the summer of 2012, during a manic two week period Sarah was transformed into the main character of 'I am HER...' released November 2012. The sequel 'THIS is me...' followed in November 2013. In May 2014 Sarah released the dark 'My Dear Stranger', followed by LOST in November 2014. Sarah's newest release 'Choices...' was released July 3rd 2015 to rave reviews.

In her real life Sarah is an absolute junkie for coffee, high heels, and dark chocolate with sea salt.


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