Arc Review: A Bedtime Story by L.C. Moon

Friday, April 24, 2015
Laura Spencer. Young, pretty, introverted. She worked at a local deli, where she left more broken plates than collected tips. Apologizing to aggravated waiters and cowering from over-friendly male clients made up most of her social interaction.
The only friends she had lived inside the pages of books or on movie screens, offering slim comfort during the long, dark nights of her lonely life. Every two weeks, a postcard was delivered through her mail. She lived for those deliveries. 
Peter Spencer. Her brother, her lifelong protector and her only family. The only one who truly knew her, who would sacrifice it all for her. Peter made a bad decision, involving the worst kind of people. 
Kayne Malkin. Tall, dark and handsome. He belonged to the Organization, the Quebec fraction of a ruthless Russian Mafia. He was known for many things. He killed and tortured for a living. He seduced and destroyed for pleasure. But above all else, he built his reputation on one trait only. Kayne Malkin never lied. Not to the men he interrogated, not to the women he set his sights on. He got what he wanted, while staring them in the eye. Honest and remorseless. 
Kayne Malkin’s assignment: The Peter Spencer case. 
On the first warm spring night, while Montreal celebrated the passing of winter, Laura reluctantly accepted to accompany a coworker out on the town. Kayne smirked by himself seeing her arrive, all dolled up, looking uncomfortable. Lurking in the shadows, he patiently waited. The trap was set.


"For as long as I'm your Monster,
I will always find you."

First of all I would like to say how happy I was when the author contacted me, asking if I would like to read this book!!I really enjoyed it!It was a unique,brilliant,twisted,dark story!I was totally captivated with the story!I'm not the biggest fan of Dark stories but this one was fantastic!! I loved L.C. Moon's writing and I'm waiting to read more from her!!


Can you imagine that one night in a club can change your life???This is what happened in Laura who was out with a friend when she saw a mysterious man watching her.She finds herself intrigued to him.But this man wasn't exactly what she expected. Kayne is part of The Organization, the Russian Mafia and his job is to take information from Laura about her brother who stole something from the Organization!Kayne decide to take her in his home unwillingly!And this is were the dark parts of the story begins..

I loved being in Kayne's mind because I wanted to know him!There were moments I didn't like how he treat her sometimes but he was also protective!I loved Laura because at the beginning she starts as a week heroine but through the book she changes for the best!She is so sweet!!I loved their relationship which was compelling and fascinate me a lot!!


The ending really surprised me because I didn't see that coming!!I do not want to give away anything else, because I think what I said is enough to make you read it!!This is such a great book for people that like dark books!But if you are not one of them...then now is your chance to read your first!!!

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