Christine's ARC Review: Serial, Volume 1 by Jaden Wilkes and Lily White

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Serial. A brand new dark, erotic thriller from the twisted minds of Lily White and Jaden Wilkes.

Jude Hollister kills. Born with everything, wanting for nothing, murder has become his addiction. He kills women who entice him. He immortalizes them while they’re still young and beautiful. How will he manage to save the one woman he loves?

Ronnie Lapierre is a survivor. Born with nothing, she’s struggling in a dead end job with an abusive bastard for a boyfriend. Jude offers her a way out, salvation beyond her wildest dreams. What will happen when she learns his terrible secret?

Donovan Blake is the brightest mind to come out of Quantico in years. Charged with finding the Cascades Butcher, he’s perfect for this game of cat and mouse. Will his own dark past lead him to success, or drag him into the depths of hell with the most dangerous man he’s ever encountered?

Hearts will be broken, families destroyed, and good men will turn evil. In the end, only one will remain. Find out who survives in this intense story of love and ruin.

***Explores dark themes of murder, violence, sexuality, BDSM, the nature of evil...basically all the good stuff.

****Serial is a serial, shorter stories published faster. How long is ultimately ends up becoming is solely dependent upon our readers. The more you want, the more we write.



There are so many reasons why this book worked for me, I'm so deliriously happy right now... I can't even!!!

Here's a little info on the book if you're interested:

Serial is the collaboration and project of two authors, Lily White and Jaden Wilkes. This is not the first book I've read from either author so you can imagine my elation when I heard they were doing a project together. With Lily White's trademark brilliance at writing deeply dark characters and unsettling gore scenes and Jaden Wilkes wonderful prose when it comes to dark humour, I was prepared for awesomeness. And awesome is what I got.

Serial is a novella told in the first person, from three points of view.

1. Jude (serial killer)
2. Donovan Black (detective)
3. Ronnie (heroine/love interest)

Serial is a about a serial killer by the name of Jude. (I love it when authors give their characters biblical names, makes the story that much darker for some reason)

*Jude is a successful businessman, who grew up in a healthy environment, with a loving family. But he has a dark secret or craving that is. Jude lives for the kill, there's something about the exhilarating feeling he gets when he watches his victim breath their last breath.

I can't help it, I truly can't. I've researched addiction, Googled the fuck out of everything from, "How do I stop killing" to "Frontal lobotomy results sociopath" when the going gets tough.

"I've never felt quite all there, but not in a bad way. It's not that I hear voices or get messages through radio transmissions. I've always felt smugly superior somehow.

*Donovan, is the detective working on the case of the Cascades Killer. He's just as intriguing as Jude and I hope we can get more insight into this character. He's meticulous in his investigation and is hell bent on stopping the serial killer. He's character is dark, and seems jaded. I think he may be just as fucked up as Jude is.

My balls puller tight as her screams increased and just as I shot my cum inside her, I looked up at the task board and into the lifeless eyes of a monster's victims.

*Ronnie, is a waitress at a diner that Jude has begun frequenting. She's obviously attracted to the man. She's broken and been kicked while she was down a lot. Her character is ready for the plucking.

The lock on the door clicked again and his entrance meant night had fallen. How long would I get to keep him to myself this time?

A quote from Christine while she was reading this book

Don't get caught. Just don't get caught. Please!!!

Side note: I hope all that made sense.

ARC kindly provided by authors in return for an honest review

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