Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Monday, June 09, 2014
Until Nico (Until, #4)Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds
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★★★★ 4+ Stars!

If you've read any of the previous books in this series, you know all about the Mayson boys and their 'Boom'. The feeling they get when they meet 'the one' and know that that's the person they've been waiting for and will stay with for the rest of their lives. Asher, Trevor and Cash have all found their 'ones' and now it's time for Nico. Until Nico is once again a perfect addition to this series. So far, I've enjoyed every single one of the books in this series but I have to say, Until Nico might be my new favorite of the series.

From the moment badass, pierced and tattooed Nico Mayson meets the sweet and shy librarian Sophie Grates he knows she's the one. Granted, they couldn't have been more opposite, and other might not understand why the two of them are even attracted to each other, but to them, they're a perfect match. He makes her feel safe, and she makes him feel whole. Now all Nico has to do is convince Sophie they're made for each other.

"I don't know what's going on in that pretty little head of yours, but know this - you run and I will find you."

Nico pursues her and he keeps pushing her to give them a chance. Sophie's past hasn't made it easy for her to trust others and to let anyone get too close for her. So at first she does everything she can to keep Nico at a distance (which was a little bit annoying, but I understood where she was coming from). For the past years she's been leading a pretty much solitary life so she doesn't have a lot of experience when it comes to relationships, but Nico doesn't take no for an answer and promises to patiently teach what it's like to be in a relationship.

"You are not going to push me away. It's not going to work. You push me, and I will push back."

Then, when she finally gives in, other people (luckily no annoying exes) and circumstances keep coming up that make it even harder for them to be together. But, when one of the Mayson boys want something, they go for it and they stop at nothing to protect what's theirs.

"Girl, now you're stuck. There's no way out of this. Even if you tried, he would hunt you down."

So, even though there was quite some drama and suspense, all in all, Until Nico was a sweet, fun and sexy read with hot, protective alpha male and an endearingly quirky heroine. If you're looking for a relaxing read that will make you laugh out loud more than once, I would highly recommend giving this series a try!

"Baby, when you're in a relationship, it's give and take. It's only right that I make you feel safe, because you make me feel whole."

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  1. I keep looking at this book and I can just hear it saying buy me, buy me. I think I should lol. Great review. I think those quotes sold me! :)
    Jazmen@ This Girl Reads A lot

    1. Thank you! Haha, sounds like a great advice ;) I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try too! Hope you enjoy it when you get to it :)


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