Once Bitten, Twice Burned by Cynthia Eden: Review

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Once Bitten, Twice Burned (Phoenix Fire, #2)

3.5 Stars

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I really enjoyed Burn For Meby Cynthia Eden, I actually loved that book it had the perfect amount of suspense, great plot and a good dose of sexual tension leading up to some very steamy sex scenes. Once Bitten, Twice Burnedwas good but my problem with it was most probably that it was a carbon copy of the first book in the series, same characters different names if you get my meaning. It just felt like I was reading the same book.

While Ryder was pretty strong and intensely alpha male, I kind of felt lukewarm about him at first. We met Ryder in the first book, and obviously his character was over shadowed by Cain, which is to be expected since Cain was the main character. But unfortunately I found myself constantly comparing the two, and Ryder fell short every time. Ryder was portrayed as the weaker character in Burn For Me, and this did not gel with me. I want both alpha males to have equal strengths, otherwise I always compare the weaker to the stronger.

Now about Sabine, you'll never hear me complaining about how weak a female character is but I had some issues with her. It's not that she was weak, it's just that she came off as whiney. Maybe I'm being a bit insensitive but I got tired of hearing her complaining about dying over and over again, you know! I felt like shaking her and saying "dammit, you're gonna wake up again. So get over it!" She was a pleasant girl, but I can't say I really liked her.

A little bit more
Something that I love in a book I read is mystery, and Cynthia Eden is wonderful at writing that. You think you know what's going on, until you realise you don't. This book did not disappoint when it came to that aspect. But still, it didn't make up for all my issues, I just expected a little bit more

Final Thoughts
This book was quite enjoyable, I more than liked it which is why I'm giving it 3.5 Stars. But there is that gripe with it feeling like the first book. If you don't normally read Urban Fantasy, and love steamy romance with a paranormal twist, then I recommend you try this series. It's definitely worth it.

Once Bitten, Twice Burned is the second book in the Phoenix Fire Series by Cynthia Eden. Before reading this book, you'll have to read Burn For Me (Phoenix Fire, #1) by Cynthia Edenfirst.

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