Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden

Monday, March 03, 2014

★★★★ 3.5 stars!

"There was a danger in loving too much. When you loved too much, you had too much to lose."

Mine to Crave is the fourth book in the Mine-series by Cynthia Eden and once again, it was a sexy, suspenseful, thrilling ride that kept surprising me until the end. Ever since I met Drake in the previous books of the series I was intrigued by him and excited to find more about this tortured bad boy. And after having read the story, I like him even more! That in combination with a strong, feisty heroine made for a very interesting, unique couple.

I do have to say that, even though this was again a great mystery romance novel, I did like the previous books in the series a bit more. Maybe the storyline began to become a bit too predictable or maybe I just didn't love the characters as much as the ones in the previous books….but it was still a fun, enjoyable read and I would highly recommend giving this series a try!

Drake Archer has been lied to and cheated on by many women in his past but the ultimate betrayal, the last woman who left him broken and whose blood he now has on his hands, has made him decide to never trust another woman again. In his book, woman aren't to be trusted. They're to be used as an enjoyable pastime and nothing more. No feelings, and definitely no love will ever be part of his future when it comes to women again.

But then he meets Jasmine Bennett, a woman whose entire life is built on secrets and lies. From the moment he meets her, he feels an undeniable attraction to her. But being with someone like her would mean breaking his own vow to never let a woman rule his heart again.

"Her secrets. Her lies. He just wanted her."

But secrets from both their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten to ruin whatever slim chance of a future they might have together. Will Drake be able to protect them both from not only the loss of their future together but the the loss of their life all together?

"Drake wasn't a deadly threat. He was a hero, the man just didn't realize it. She did."

Drake and Jasmine made for a very explosive, unique couple and despite their differences they were both searching for exactly the same thing in their lives, a place to belong. That's what made them complement each other so perfectly. Still, I personally enjoyed Trace and Skye and Noah and Claire's stories just a little more. There was no cliffhanger at the end of the story. And the author announced there will be a next, fifth story in the series. I'm already anxious to find out who that might be about…

"You can belong to me."

Release date: March 10th 2014.

**ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**

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