Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros

Thursday, March 20, 2014

★★★★ 4 stars!

Full Measures was a sweet, fun, emotional NA story that I really enjoyed reading. It took be by surprise since I wasn't expecting it to bring out so many emotions while reading it and the "army" subject definitely made it stand out from many other typical new adult romance novels.

Three knocks can change everything...

Especially for December "Ember" Howard. When the soldiers at her home come knocking on their door she knows they're not their to deliver good news. Her father is never coming home again. Ember knows that from that point onward her life will never be the same. With all the courage left in her she needs to pick up the pieces and be there for the rest of her family to lean on.

Still, it's not easy to handle the responsibilities of taking care of her siblings, her unresponsive mom, her classes and to top it all she finds out (view spoiler). Josh Walker is the least likely person for her to pull her out of her misery (especially since she's had a crush on him since her junior year in high school and he was the senior hockey player star) but he turns out to be exactly what she needs. And he's willing to chase her until she gives them a chance.

"We're taking it slow until you say so, because I can't bear to hear a 'no' from you. But here's your only warning: I'm going to chase the fuck out of you."

"We're unbelievable together. I've never felt that before. You stripped my soul clean."

Josh was just the sweetest! The way he was there for Ember on the moments she most needed it without ever coming on too strong. In his past he might have been a typical hockey player/man-whore but Ember made him change his ways. She makes him want more and she's the only one who ever got through his good-looking exterior to the guy with a soft heart inside.

But then, Josh's secret gets exposed and well, I have to say I wasn't ver surprised by what this secret was. I pretty much figured it out halfway through the story. But this secret has a huge impact on Ember's already fragile state and after she finds it out, she has to figure out for herself whether she's strong enough to handle a revelation like that...

Overall, this was a very well written, captivating and original story. This was not your average NA romance although it did have a lot of typical college-drama elements. Still, the story had a powerful message and it definitely made an impact on me. Highly recommend!


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**ARC courtesy of Entangled Publising, LLC in exchange for an honest review**

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