Guest reviewer Mona A Marked Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Marked Man (Assassin/Shifter,  #1)

This was his job.
He was a hired assassin.

"Oh for fuck's sake." The first words to come out of Mateo's beautiful mouth, had me hooked and glued all the way! OMG what a thrilling ride. From awesome, funny characters, to heart racing missions...this book blew me away!!

"You had me the minute you kissed me."

Sweet, innocent, yet so so sexy...Mateo and Riley are adorable together. The perfect fit. Mateo an assassin, hired to kill Riley, never expected to hesitate on the job. But there's something about Riley, that makes him question the target his been given.

"Shhh... Mateo kissed him and bit his lips softly. "Relax and let me in."


Mateo has only ever needed a quick fuck on the run and never asked for more. But things change when he spends time with the inexperienced and sweet Riley and begins to care for him. His always fought to never let anyone too close to him, not wanting to chance being hurt again.

"I have everything I could ever possibly want."


Riley has known he was gay since he was nine years old. But unfortunately has forced himself to hide his feelings and true nature from his homophobic father. As the CEO of Flynn Electronics, Riley is always scrutinized at every angel. Especially who he's dating. So the only way to explore who he truly is, is through (view spoiler)

And I'll leave it at that...

Even when I felt it was a tad rushed, I still loved it. There wasn't a boring moment in this fast paced book. I'm not sure where the PNR fits in here. I honestly didn't see any of it here. So if your not a PNR fan, well I think its safe to say you can read this one.

Mates a series I will definatly recommend and continue reading myself. So it won't hurt to give this a try xx

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