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Friday, October 25, 2013



This is a must read for romantic suspense lovers!!

The books hooked me right away from the beginning!!It was intense!!

Claire lost her parents during a horrific murder by her boyfriend. His is currently in prison, but her life is not safe... His father is a powerful ex-senator and he wants her to suffer... She changes  jobs, cities, and  she is on the run from her past... After losing her sister Sara she finds herself on the run again...She asks for Noah to help her...

Noah is a playboy, who owns his own set of hotels, but he also has a dark past. ..
He instantly becomes protective of Claire and he wants to help her..He usually gets what he wants and moves on.But, he can't seem to do that with Claire, he finds himself only wants her more....

I loved the chemistry between these characters. They are deeply conflicted with dark shadows in their pasts. Together  they  have a journey in which they will deepen their connection and find a way to stay together..


The characters are  easy to connect with them emotionally.The pacing is fast! The love scenes are passionate and actually moves the story along... The story itself was well plotted and turns to keep your attention!

"...So why do I ever matter at all to you?You're Noah York."
"And I'm no one."
"You're someone to me."

""I look at you and my whole body burns.I want you naked.I want you screaming.I want to see pleasure make your eyes flash even brighter."

It was amazing!I love the ending!I love that they got their HEA!!

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