McCade's Way by Mara McBain

Sunday, October 27, 2013
McCade's Way

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My other love besides really dark reads are Alpha males *grins*. It's rare that I find the perfect combination, so if you were thinking of adding this to your TBR list, I'll be blunt.

Alpha, cocky, bordering on or actually is a jerk, oh and high handed. So I really liked this book!!!

Gen leaves a depression ravaged New York City with the promise of a new and better life. She's marrying a man she has never seen or met before, all she has are the letters they have written to each other. When she meets Trey at the train station he's hardly the man she was expecting.

When Trey sees Gen, he definitely is surprised at the beauty before him. He speaks without thinking, but he's never been a man to worry about such things... He has a jealous streak and an ugly bride would have helped prevent him worrying about competition. LMAO!!!! I was laughing here!

You aren't ugly, but you'll do.

I should have known better than to trust a priest to judge a woman.

Gen is a meek little thing, she grew up in a house hold where her father wasn't scared to use his fist to get a point across. Her mother didn't help her, when she gave her advice like, it's a woman's job to follow her husbands orders!

Back to Trey, this man has been burned. His previous marriage was a disaster and he's defensive, making Gen pay for another woman's transgressions.

"I can understand you being scared, but we might as well get this conversation out of the way," he said, his voice dropping into that low bass that fascinated and terrified her all at once. His pale eyes narrowed on her face. "Sex is going to be a part of our marriage darlin'; a big part. I will do everything I can to make it pleasurable for you, but make no mistake, it's going to happen. Phony headaches and tears aren't going to ingratiate you to me. In fact, crocodile tears are a good way to piss me off. I don't play games, Gen"

You're about to take a vow to obey. You might want to get some practice in.

Did I mention how much I enjoyed this book? Well I did! Add in some drama, a few secrets, pregnancy scares, long lost kids and an uncle from hell!!! I was in soap opera heaven!!!

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