Down London Road by Samantha Young

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Down London Road (On Dublin Street, #2)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


3,5 stars

When I first heard that Jo was going to be the heroine of Down Dublin Road I admit to being skeptical..
In On Dublin Street,Jo was known for going after wealthy men, and she was portrayed as a simple gold digger.
In Down Dublin Road, we learn that things aren't always as they seem, and that Jo has hidden depths..

Jo is actually living a very bad life.Her dad was an abusive bastard who went to jail when she was 12, leaving Jo, her alcoholic mother, and her baby brother, Cole. Jo works very hard to take better care of Cole, to give him a better life than she ever had.
She dreams of finding the perfect man that will take care of her and Cole. The thing is, Jo isn't your typical gold digger. She doesn't actually accept money from her boyfriends. She just hopes that eventually, she'll find the guy who will be good to her, and more importantly, will take care of her family.

And then she meet Cam...


When out at an art gallery with her current boyfriend she spots Cam instantly they have this strong undeniable connection. He is a down on his luck graphic designer who is there to support his girlfriend, that just happens to be Jo's current boyfriend's ex. After cornering her outside and telling her just what he thinks of her, they go to blows with each other...


After ending things with their current relationships you end up with some overly steamy intimate moments through the book....I love the sex scenes!!!Especially in the changing room ;)


What I love most about this book no matter how insane, irrational or stupid the main character’s feelings may be,I some how agree. Not just agree,but also feel rage at what ever slight is thrown at the main character.I get so into the story it’s as if they are a friend or loved one....

This book was great. Joss and Braden are staples in the story as well as Braden's family.there is lots of good, hot loving and great witty banter between all the characters. Looking forward to more from this couple as Cameron's friend Nate and Jo's new family Olivia explore their relationship!

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