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Monday, September 23, 2013




UnBeautifully is the heart wrenching,frustrating,intense and ultimately BEAUTIFUL story of Danny & Ripper.I felt every emotion!!!
It is real,I filled with such intense emotions!!!

"I don’t believe in fate. I firmly believe that life is what you make of it, that life will react to your actions, and that your final destination has nothing to do with destiny but instead everything to do with the choices you make along the way.With one exception.



"All scars tell a story beautiful girl''

And mine tell the story of how I found you"!!!

Danny and Ripper's story is...Scary, amazing,true,flawed,fucked up, intense and ...Beautiful.



"You may not be beautiful the way you were before" I whispered, cupping his ruined cheek. "But you're still beautiful. To me."

Danny is trying to keep her family from falling apart but is losing herself in the process. All she wants is to have one night that is perfect... And she wants Ripper to make it happen...

The first time they are together is on her prom night and from then on its like nothing happened between the two as they try to figure out how to deal with the fact one of the clubs brothers slept with Deuces daughter. Ripper is fucked up and thinks the only way to deal if to hide it from Prez or leave.Danny doesn't agree,then everything goes to shit...


I love how we were brought back into this world and we're filled in on some of the missing pieces and emotional struggle that brought Deuce's and Eva to where they are now.
We got to see a lot more of all these Horsemen!!
This book was epic!!had a bit of everyone in it!!


"Yeah I fuckin love you,bitch!I've only ever loved you and I ain't never stoped"


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