Wednesday, August 07, 2013

2 stars
his is the second disappointing book in row that I'm reading.It's awful when it happens.

The book is not horrible, under other circumstances I might have enjoyed it a little more but lately I'm not patient at all with books.I hate being mean so I'll do my best not to because all the other reviews are +4 stars so something might be wrong with me after all.

I thought that the story was mainly meaningless and pointless.Let me tell you what happened in a few sentences.
Addison bumps into a stranger at a cafe,and his gaze seems familar to her.

It turns out that this stranger,named Holden is a doctor at the hospital she volunteers.

They start dating.

They are cute together.

But she has to leave him because of her studies and she doesnt tell him until the last day.

Misunderstanding #1: During the good bye day she sees him with an other girl and she leaves without saying good bye.

She is mad and she ignores his texts and phone calls.

After 11 months

They meet again at the hospital he is working.

They solve the misunderstanding.

They start dating again.

An other misunderstanding...

They solve the misunderstanding.

They are happy again.

They have sex.

Something cute happens but I'm not telling ya.

That's all!

There were time where the writing was a little messy.

His brown eyes danced before her,alright with desire and ... Ahh

And Ahh ??? Really???
Dammit inner sex-goddess you need to wake up.

Bitch slap your inner goddess!!I cant believe that she was sleeping.

BTW it reminded me of FSoG.... WHT is the inner goddess???

And the most awful moment.....
"We’re outside his house. We’re going to have sex. He is going to have sex with me. He is a freaking sexy doctor and he wants to have sex with me."

OMG it sounded so childish.....

What I liked:

What??I liked something!!
I loved the whole fate setting!There is also an amazing quote but I've changed it a little :)

If two people are meant to be together their souls will entwine ; forever sealed as one.

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Arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review!

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