Losing hope

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


It is really hard for me to review this book since it's one of my favorite books ever.Hopeless and losing hope show us the same events but from differents POVs.In this book we have Holder's POV and I was kind of expecting it to be like the first book butNO.Even though the events are almost the same his book is different and I dont think you will get the feeling of reading the same book.At least that's how I felt.I fell in love again with him and Sky.There were those parts where I knew exactly what will happen and yet I cried a river and for this reason I love the author.LOL dont worry I'm not a masochist but the fact that I got the same feelings like I was reading it for the first time means a lot.

It's been years now but every time I look up at the sky I think about her.

She's the one that will give him hope everyday.

Holder's life was never easy.For years he had been accusing himself for Hope's missing but it wasn’t his fault.He was a protective brother and he loved a lot his sister.He always knew that something was off with her as she was spending nights crying in his arms but he did his best to be there and strong for her.However she managed to break him with a selfish decision that she took.She left him alone and hopeless.

A few months after his sister loss he decides to return back to his previous life but he never thought that a trip to the grocery's store would change his life.
My heart stops.

Time stops.

The whole world stops.

I recognize those eyes.

Those are Hope's eyes.

He is not sure if she is his friend but he has to know her, be with her.As it seems they have many things in common and these two are simply the best book couple ever!I laughed a lot with their sarcasm but mostly I loved being in his head.Ughh I remember reading somewhere that he is just a horny teen. Well yeah what do you expect?He's a guy and of course his only purpose was to tease her to hell and have naughty thoughts.I'm glad that Holder is not the perfect guy who would do this skinny love thing.He is outspoken and arrogant.

Life for these two is full of surprises.If you have read the first book you know what I mean.It hurts him so much that she cant remember him and it's actually devastating reading how he feels .I wanted to hug him so much *sigh*. 

I cant protect her from all the memories that are flooding her mind (...)

And then we have the breaking down point.God I felt like I had never read this before , like I didnt know what was coming.I was literary hanging from the words.

I cry for her.I cry for Les.I cry for myself.

These scenes brought to me so many tears.We dont get all the details from Sky's POV and I was so surprised with a few revelations.

Ok,I know it has nothing to do with the review but I feel like writing a letter to Les and to every Les that might read it :)

Dear Les ,
I know it was hard for you.It broke you to pieces and I'm really sad about it. I'm sure you dont want anyone’s pity so no pities are given.You had been through to so many difficult situations and yet you managed to stay on your feet.You seemed happy.You were smiling .You seemed content but we have now conluded to the fact that you were the best actress. I'm not accusing you for lying, I'd never do that. You were only pretending because you actually cared about the people you loved. You were always the best for this. Unfortunately we are humans and we have boundaries. You were strong enough for so many years but you met your crux point.You couldnt take it anymore and many will blame you for being a coward.On the other hand there is also a handful of people who will think that you were brave to take a decision like this.Sadly,I dont think I belong to either of these groups. You have to know that we admire you for being strong but decisions shouldn’t be shellfish and yours was.Dont take me wrong!I know you fought a lot but you actually left behind you debris and destroyed people.So you that you can relate with Les's story take care and think wisely before you act because there might be someone who really cares about you.

Be save ,

A heartwarming series that had its ups and down came to the end.I will never forget these characters and I'm really glad I met them. these kind of book should be read by everyone because these are stories of life and love.

She's my saving grace.
My Hope,
And I'm never walking away from her.

I honestly thought I'd always be hopeless but I find hope every single day .

Arc courtesy of Atria books via NetGallery in exchange of an honest review.

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