Saturday, July 20, 2013
4 stars

                                                                               What's better than a six pack?

                                                                      An eight pack!

In reality, even though I’d been with everyone else, I’d always been Syd’s.

“I’ve loved you since you pushed me down on the playground. I swear— I’ve loved you since then.”

First of all , I can’t believe that I'm rating a J.L. Armetrout book with 4 stars.

It wasnt bad BUT Sydney was frustrating most of the times.

Secondly, shirtless guys should be banned.

Ohh WTH am I talking about?

The story: 
Kyler and Syd grew up together. They had known each other since they were kids and they were best friends. Now that they have both grown up things and feelings have changed. They are afraid to face or admit the truth but these two liked each other for a long time.

Kyler is your typical player type and definitely off limits to Syd .On the other hand Syd hates messing around with guys because that's not her character. An annual trip to his mum's house will bring them closer.

Since their friends won’t make it there due to the storm, they have to stay alone. Syd's mind is going cray-cray and she starts showing her feelings. Things are awkward, actually tooawkward but Kyler deals with them as he should and that's why I liked him.

The story is not limited only to the showing your feelings part. This couple is being sabotaged by someone. In the beginning nothing seems serious as it was expected to lose power but then it was obvious that someone was messing up with them.

Kyler : I liked him a lot. He was the definition of a manwhore but like all men he hadn't found someone who will care about. As soon as he realized that Syd was in love with him he started understanding his own feelings towards her too. Syd has a weird way of showing that she loves him but he doesn't want to treat her like some kind of a cheap date and that's one of his qualifications .Kyler always respected the females and Syd is not different. I loved the fact that he tried hard to gain her but the truth is that he never lost her.

Syd :She is the reason I'm rating this book with 4 stars. Ok I liked her but there were some moments that she needed some serious slapping.

I definitely get it when she is mad at him because he is fucking around. What I don’t understand is the fact that she was doubting him.
"What had he meant by that? Was he not planning to break the habit because he was still planning on sleeping around?"

I thought that she was sometimes acting like a child which bothered me a lot but thank God Kyler was there to save these annoying moments.

Overall : I enjoyed it a lot . It was a funny and an enjoyable book . Truth to be told it's not one of her best books but it wasn't disappointing either . I really liked the fact that Kyler wasn't the human version of Daemon Black , like Cam , but even if he was I would have still enjoyed it a lot.

This is forever.

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