Ending a broken journey

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

                                        4 Love , Live , Life stars

Life is unpredictable, You are never prepared for what will happen. Life is unfair. Life may have won the battle but that I-I will win the war.

This book is the author's debut and it was really good. I loved almost everything about it except from the ending .Seriously , it's not the ending , it's me. I dont know why I hate it so much but thankfully there was an epilogue that saved me from serious frustration. Also it was a little slow in some parts but overall it was a great read. Melissa is a promising author and I'll gladly read more of her books.

The story 
Kennie has great friends , amazing parents and a protective brother .She shouldn't feel alone but she does. Incidents of the past are still tormenting her. The memories are haunting her and she doesn’t seem to have forgotten what happened to her .No one can reach the dark places in her mind and figure out what happened . They have no clue aside from the fact that her engagement failed. A guy broke her heart or he hurt her in other ways?

Drew is a friend from the past. He was her brother's best friend who had moved town and now after so many years he is back with his brother Jax. He has also a past that wants to hide and I have to give him the credits that he is doing a great job on this domain .Drew and Kennie used to be very close but now as adults things might be more friendly between them.

I'll help in any way to bring old Kennie back.

After all these years he can easily notice that something is off with Kennie. Those blue eyes are now lifeless , she is not the same and he is determined to bring her back.

My thoughts : Why I loved it? It's easy to answer, I could connect with Kennie. Kennie is not your ordinary girl towards whom you'll feel bad for what happened to her but you will sympathize with her. Truth to be told the final strike wasn’t what made her that way but the journey that she'd been through.

There isn’t a worst thing like psychological war.(Does it make sense to you , or is it completely Greek ;p). Most of us either have been through that sh*t or we had a friend that experienced it. I belong to the second category and trust me , it's awful to see your friend helpless knowing that you can’t do anything to help him/her. There is a point that you start feeling guilty yourself and wondering why him? Anyway, before you open your mouth you must think whether what you'll say will have an impact to the others life. Unconsciously we blurt out things without thinking because that's one of the man's characteristics but we won’t understand what it feels like being the victim if you haven’t been in that position by yourself.

How can anyone be good for me when I haven't figured out how to be good for myself?

Hmmm I saw somewhere that the next book is about Jax *grins*
OMG I cant wait!! I loved this guy. Seriously? Who can resist tattoos??Apparently not me....

Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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