The Devil's Metal

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Karina Halle is brilliant!!Not only are the characters so real and likable but the plot moves so well.It felt like a movie being played out in my mind!!
She has become one of my favorite authors not only for her writing style but her strong character developments and the fantastic plots!!

Let's start our trip back in the summer of 1974..

The main character Dawn is given the opportunity of a lifetime as both a fan and as someone who hopes to become a music journalist.She is asked to go on tour with her favorite band,Hybrid.
Dawn is a small town farm and rodeo girl who has been taking care of her father and brother since her mother’s death.
Dawn jumps at the chance to find out what goes on behind the scenes of the rock and roll world..

Dawn is thrust into the world of Hybrid and is seeing and experiencing things that she never has before.But she takes it all in her stride.
She try to handle to be near the man whose posters she has on her wall. The man who is her musical crush,Sage Knightly...

Sage is totally hot and drool worthy!!I want a Sage for myself..I loved the moments he was around and the sex scene..

But then not long into the tour she starts seeing and hearing strange things. At first she tries to write them off, but eventually they can't be ignored...

The demons in the story,they were seriously creepy. Definitely not your usual paranormal fair...

I look forward to the next in this series to see what demons Sage and Dawn must face together!!!

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