Emancipating Andie

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What a wonderful story!!

“All I'm saying is,sometimes things happen and we don't see them clearly,either because we're not at the right point in our life,or we're too closely ivolved to understand.But just because we can't see the reason behind things doesn't mean there isn't one.”

Andie Weber has always played by the rules. The one time she decided to throw those rules out the window and do something spontaneous,she paid the price heavily...
Now, Andie has learned to live cautiously. Her job is stable. Her boyfriend,Colin,is safe.She follows the advice her mother has drilled into her head:

Love with your head, and you'll be safe. Love with anything else and you're in big trouble.

But see met her boyfriend's best friend,Chase McGuire!Chase is the
polar opposite of Andie and he lives his life with a complete lack of structure.They have a lot of preconceived notions about each other and none of them are good.When they are manipulated into spending two days together in a car the dread is palpable.I find Chase incredibly funny,sexy and real!!

Andie and Chase find that there is more to one another than they thought. There are lessons to be learned that will extend far beyond the confines of a forced road trip.Lessons about tempering caution with courage. Lessons about taking chances and finding lasting happiness. Lessons about love.I could tell you how much I love the characters of Andie and Chase, and even Colin. 

I loved Emancipating Andie so much. It was mesmerizing, beautiful, breathtaking, witty, and thoughtful. I always enjoy books that make me think and this book has every wheel in my brain turning!!! 

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