Review This Time Tomorrow by Tessa Bailey

Monday, June 22, 2020

Roksana, heiress to the vampire slayer throne, has performance anxiety.

She’s supposed to kill Elias, but so far she’s only succeeded in maxing out his credit card. Now her failure to stake the brooding vampire has sent her back to Moscow in disgrace to face her mother’s wrath. Expecting punishment by death, she’s given a rare reprieve. She now has three tasks to complete, the last of which is to finally kill Elias. She will not fail this time.

If only the memories of one magical evening—back when Elias was human, would stop holding her back. He claims to have forgotten that night. Why can’t she? Three years ago, Elias was a SWAT team member on a guy’s weekend in Vegas. Playing poker and minding his own business, his life changed forever when a captivating blonde strolled past his table in a light-up bra. He followed Roksana as if compelled, his very bones demanding he do so, his soul resonating with the belief she would be important to him. Always. That turned out to be a vast understatement—and nothing has changed.

Roksana embarks on her mission, determined to win back her mother’s approval, but when an astonishing truth emerges in the eleventh hour, will her stake pierce the very heart that beats in her honor? Or will love triumph over duty?

4-4,5 STARS

This is a great read, I really enjoyed it!I love the Phenomenal Fate series!I find the books refreshing and heartwarming!We first met Roksana and Elias in Reborn Yesterday and we can already tell that these two have a history. I was so excited for this book!From the beginning I was melting and I have a smile with these two!I loved how they met!


"He would surround her in his devotion until she accepted it without question and he’d make her scream with pleasure as many times as it took to convince her. They were each other’s and no one else’s."

Elias and Roksana had a great dynamic, I loved their connection!They were sexy and intense!They made me swoon and smile mostly!

This was another fantastic read!Can't wait for the next!

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