Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend Dallas from Nothing But Wild by P. Dangelico

Friday, February 14, 2020

 Welcome  on the Meet Your Next Boyfriend Tour.I couldn't choose a better man than Dallas from Nothing But Wild by P. Dangelico

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Foxy Blogs for having me and for creating this amazing tour. 


"There’s an actual physical reaction that happens when Dallas touches me. A transformation. I become a better version of me. Uninhibited. Unapologetic. Everything I admire in him. And safe. He makes me feel safe enough to be me."

"Because Dallas Van Zant is the opposite of boyfriend material. He's the anti-boyfriend, more likely to give a girl a nervous breakdown than his heart. To be honest, I actually feel bad for whoever finally does succeed in getting that slippery organ because I have a hunch it'll be hard to hang on to."

“He’s a wild one for sure. And he’s also the best man I know. A beautiful boy I had a crush on who’s turned into the man I love."


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OMG I was waiting for Dora and Dallas' book and once I got it I couldn't put it down!I devour it, I fall in love with everything!The characters were well developed and the story amazing!Paola Dangeligo delivers a heartwarming,sweet and fun read!


Let's start with the romance , it was so good, I loved how everything starts with these two and I liked how they first started as friends and then to something more!Dallas intrigued me a lot and he isn't at all what he let the others believe.Dora is funny and cute!They were the perfect match!

Also I loved Dora's friends, there are some really funny moments between them!Overall, this is one of my favorite for this year!This series are getting better and better! I love each one of the boys !

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  1. With the name Dallas he has to be all alphalicious! will check it out

  2. This sounds like a a great book

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