Top Recommendation The Sea of Lost Things by Kelly St-Laurent

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Charlotte Reynolds is no stranger to loss. After a car accident took her parents, she was raised by her maternal grandfather.

Six months ago, she lost him too. At thirty-one, with no living relatives, Charlotte finds herself alone in the world. 

That is until she opens the box. 

Her grandfather’s possessions have sat in the corner, untouched since his passing. Inside, she discovers a letter, and in it a secret he kept for over seventy years. A love story, that began on D-Day, between he and a French woman, and ended with the birth of her mother. 

With no one left to ask who the mysterious woman could be, Charlotte decides to drop everything and go to France to uncover the truth for herself. Soon after arriving, it becomes clear that her search won’t be easy. Things are complicated further when Jonah Emmerson shows up at the B&B. The handsome but arrogant Brit takes an almost instant disliking to her. A feeling, that she discovers, is mutual. 

Charlotte vows to keep clear of him, but when he unexpectedly offers to help with her search, she finds herself accepting, a decision that sets them on an adventure across the quaint countryside and stunning coastline of Normandy. As they visit different townships for answers, an attraction builds between them, the tension thawing into something else entirely.

But with every step that brings them closer, the past follows. And while Charlotte may be searching for hers, Jonah is running from his.

Sometimes, looking back is the only way forward.

5 stars

Such a lovely story! I can’t believe this is her first book! Omg it was captivating and the story was fantastic!

I adored the characters and the romance was exactly what I needed!The set up was fantastic so magical and I didn't want this to end!


I was hooked and I felt like I was a part of the story!I adored Charlotte and I could relate with her and Jonah intrigued me!Their relationship was great they have a great banter!

If you are looking for the book that will sweep you off your feet and travel your mind to a faraway place, stop.Look no further. This is the one!

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