Review False 9 by Megan Erickson

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

A mouthy soccer stud virgin meets the secretive new girl on campus...

The last time I got laid was... oh right. Never. The only game I have is on the soccer field, where I mostly exist to make my teammates look good. I don't get the glory or the girl, and in true Lavin Saint fashion, the first impression I make to the gorgeous new girl on campus is chair-crashingly, soul-crushingly bad.

Bianca Santos seems undeterred and even intrigued by my inability to form coherent sentences around her, which is why it sucks when I find out she's my coach's niece. Off limits.

Except Bianca doesn't listen to that memo, and the more she focuses on me with those beautiful brown eyes, the less I care about the real possibility of being relegated to the bench. So when I find out she's hiding something that's threatening her, I'm done playing passive defense. I'm on the offensive now, no matter the risk--my sport, my sanity, or my life.

This time, I'm getting the glory. And the girl.


I enjoyed False 9 a lot!It was funny,sexy,fast paced, sweet and light!I was hooked from the first pages and I couldn't put it down!I find myself smiling a lot!I aodred the characters.


Lavin is a sweetheart, I loved him.He is so different from the usual heroes we meet in romance.He is akward with girls,and he is nice, and sweet.It was refreshing!Bianca is the new girl, I liked their relationship.

Overall, it was an easy and sweet read with some really sexy and funny moments!

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