Review The Intermission by Elyssa Friedland

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Have you ever had a secret so gut-wrenching you couldn't tell anyone, not even the person who shares your bed? 
Told from the alternating perspectives of a husband and wife who both have something to hide, this incisive novel pulls back the curtain on a seemingly-happy marriage, posing the question: how much do we really know--and how much should we want to know--about the people we love the most?

After five long years, the unshakable confidence Cass Coyne felt as a bride is gone. Her husband, Jonathan, on the other hand, is still smitten. It's true that the quirks he once found charming in his wife--her high standards, her refusal to clean the dishes--are beginning to grate. But for him, these are minor challenges in a healthy relationship. 

So it comes as a complete shock to Jonathan when Cass suddenly requests a marital "intermission": a six-month separation during which they'll decide if the comfortable life they've built is still the one they both want.

Aside from a monthly custodial exchange of their beloved dog, contact will be limited. But as the months pass, they begin to see that calculated silences just like these have helped to drive them apart--and that it may finally be time to confront the blistering secrets they've been avoiding.


Such a compelling and mesmerized story!It was fast paced,unique and emotional.The story is told from both characters, the wife and husband and this helps a lot making the story more intimidate! Cass and Jon are just two people trying to figure if they are really still meant to be together. 

I may not be married, and I don't know how married couples are  but still this book make me think a lot of things about everything.I loved the set up and I find it different from what I have read so far!

  “We do what we need to do to make ourselves feel better about our choices.” 

If you are looking for a refreshing and fast paced story that will make you wondering about your own life and your choices this is perfect!

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