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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Custom demanded that Prince Urban get a love mark tattooed to the side of his left eye as an infant, just like the rest of his people, but to him, the stupid things have only brought on the scorn of his father, the misery of his siblings, and caused his entire kingdom to go broke from fighting so many wars over the irritating ink stains. 

When Urban’s sister must travel to Donnelly, the kingdom within the sand, for her arranged marriage to align two realms, he goes with her. But he no sooner steps foot inside their castle than his mark starts itching like a son of a bitch, telling him his one true love is near. It just figures, though, that the woman meant for him is completely forbidden. Now he must decide if he should ignore the persistent mark, telling him she's the one, in order to avoid a possible war between kingdoms, or if he should discover whether she's worth risking everything for so they can be together. Either way, his life gets sucked into chaos with threats of beheadings, dark magic lurking, castle traitors scheming, and sword fights eminent. Who knew one little tattoo could cause so much trouble? (ONE TRUE LOVE is the author’s first attempt at a fantasy romance. Please forgive her; she might’ve read an overabundance of Cassandra Gannon, Sarah J. Maas, and Eve Langlais books, then gone off to watch too many episodes of Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Outlander, because this was the outcome.)

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🙌5 True Love STARS 🙌

Whatever I say for this book isn't enough to express how much I loved it!Even before picking this book up I just knew and I was feeling that this one will be something else!I absolutely loved the book !


It was romantic,sweet and beautiful!I loved the world Linda Kage creates and the characters so much!Urban and his true love stole my heart!They were cute and there was passion, I'm not going to say who she is because it will be a spoiler!You have to read it to see who she is!But believe me when I say that this one is so brilliant,unique and magical!Urban is the perfect hero that will make you melt and swoon over him!

I want to see more books from Linda Kage in this genre,I loved her writing so much and even though the book was long I read it so fast!The story line and the characters keep my interest all the time.

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