Top Recommendation Mend by Kivrin Wilson

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Logan McKinley. My ex. I knew he was trouble from the first moment I laid eyes on him.


Fresh out of law school with a new job at one of San Diego’s biggest firms, I was supposed to focus on my career. No distractions, no men, and especially no office romances.

Then I met Logan. He was cocky, smooth-talking, and gorgeous—a hotshot associate on the fast track to a partnership and exactly the kind of guy I needed to avoid.

But he was relentless. He pursued me, intrigued me, and seduced me. And when I had no defenses left, my ambitions shifted, and I only wanted him.

For a while, that was enough.

But no one’s perfect. The man who put a ring on my finger isn’t who I thought he was, so I left.

Now he’s back in my life, and he’s pushing me into a corner. It’s time to show him how hard I can push back.


“It’s over.”

When those words came out of her mouth, I wasn’t surprised. What I didn’t expect was how damn near impossible it’s been to move on.

The first time I saw Paige Waters, the new associate at my firm who was as intelligent and self-confident as she was stunning, I wanted her. I wasn’t used to women rejecting me, but she did—or tried to, anyway—which made me even more determined to have her.

I had no idea that when I finally got her, I wouldn’t want to let her go.

But I screwed up. She doesn’t even know how badly I screwed up, and everything still went to hell.

Now, one year after our split and with so much still unresolved between us, we’re suddenly going head to head on the same case. Seeing her at the office again, where it all started, I realize that this is far from over.

She’s still mine.

And whether it’s in the courtroom or the bedroom, I always win.

5 stars 

"Life is like weather.You don't control it.You adapt yourself."

This was fantastic, I loved every minute of it!Mend is an emotional,intense and beautiful story.I devoured it, from the moment I read the synopsis I want it so badly!!I knew it will be amazing!Kivrin Wilson takes the reader on a journey through the issues that Paige and Logan have as a separated couple.Logan wants his wife back!

"She's my wife.She and the kids are my family.I want her back.I want them all back so much that the wanting is like a feverish pain-a real, doene-deep, take-my-breath-away kind of pain."


As their story unfolds the book goes back and forth between present day and the past giving the reader a better view of how they met,how they fall in love and when the problems started with these two.The author completely drew me into Paige and Logan's story!Paige is a strong heroine and I could understand her behavior.Logan is amazing.I fall in love with him,I liked that he wasn't perfect and he wanted so badly to try to have his wife back.

"It's how every time I look at you, I'm stunned by how beautiful you are.It's how just the tiniest smile from you can make me feel like I'm floating.It's how lift me higher, by making me want to do better, to be better."

It was an original,unique and captivating story!The writing was beautiful and flawless!!Mend is a must read, I really don't know why I haven't read a book from this author!I'm really impressed! 

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