New Review Black Moon Rising by Frankie Rose (Callie Hart)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

“I'm not the man you think I am,” I tell him.

“Probably not. But isn’t that wonderful? There’s every possibility you could be so much MORE.”

Jass has been the Construct’s creature for years. A sinister prince. A man of shadows and fear. People cower at his feet. They cater to his every dark desire. Who would dare defy the most dangerous man ever created?

No one…

Except for her.

Reza’s been on the run for seven years. She’s found peace on her hidden planet. Managed to build some semblance of a life for herself there. But when the man she fears most in all the galaxy finally learns of her location, she must face him in order to escape his wrath once and for all.

A sea of stars separates them, but even that won’t keep them apart.

Black Moon Rising is a full-length science fiction romance by USA Today bestselling author, Callie Hart, writing as Frankie Rose. Book Two in this series will follow shortly!


4-4,5 Brilliant stars

This was an interesting,captivating and unique story!I was hooked from the first pages and I couldn't put it down till the end!The plot was good and I enjoyed the characters.It started really good but in the half I felt that it was going a little bit slow which make me not to give it 5 stars, but then it keep up!


The story is told from both Jass and Reza point of view!Both characters were original!You could feel their chemistry through the story.Also it was nice that through the story we get to know more about their back story. Reza is strong and Jass is hot,broody and dangerous! The push and pull between them was entertaining!

Overall it was a great story, I'm looking forward for the next book!

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