New Review Dirty Money by Jessica Clare

Monday, February 06, 2017

Southern Texas heats up when four roughneck billionaires set their sights on love in the new series from New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare.
Boone Price and his brothers know oil; at least, the dirty, backbreaking side of working an oil rig. But when their scrubby, worthless hunting land turns out to be sitting on top of one of the biggest oil wells in North America, they go from the rig to the boardroom and end up billionaires practically overnight.

Now with enough money to do whatever he wants, Boone is developing a taste for fine things. And the finest thing he's ever seen is Ivy Smithfield, local realtor. Boone's determined to buy her affection and show the world that he's more than just a dirty fool with a bit of money. Ivy's classy and beautiful - she'll make the perfect trophy wife. The fact that she's sexy and funny is just a bonus.
There's one tiny problem - Ivy's as dirt poor as Boone is. Her carefully crafted veneer of luxury? All an act to promote her business. What's Boone going to do when he finds out the woman he's falling for is, well, in his league?

When my co-blogger told me about this book I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to read it so badly! So what did I find when I started it? An enjoyable, super hot, quick and sweet story.


Boone is my favorite billionaire! He is hot, possessive, bossy, protective and sweet. He will do whatever is needed to make the girl he wants happy.

The story is generally a little bit over the top and there were moments I found it a little crazy for me but this didn't stop me from loving it! It was entertaining and so hot!

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