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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Thanos Agapiou has always been a charmer. For over two millennia, the vampire had no problem acquiring whom and what he wanted with a flash of his handsome smile. He took for granted the boyish good looks he presumed he’d possess for the rest of eternity. 

How very wrong he was.

A nearly fatal attack distorted his entire existence. With his appearance now matching the title many have bestowed their kind—monster—he hides away from the world and all of those who know him, including his Ancient, Eton.
Until one night when a stranger draws him out from the shadows.


Ever since Paris Antoniou was thrust into a world of vampires, his reality has become stranger than the history and the myths he’s studied for the past decade.

When he learns the truth about his origins and the power he wields, his confusion and fear have him running for his life. What he doesn’t expect is to run into the arms of Thanos—a vampire who doesn’t intimidate him as much as he intrigues him.


As their worlds collide under extraordinary circumstances, an attraction neither can deny takes hold. But will that be enough to save Thanos from his demons, or will he condemn Paris to his fate?

Destinies have been changed. Lines have been crossed. And, with tales of the vampire race coming to an end, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?
After all, in a world run by vampires and gods, only one can be the true Master among the Monsters.

What an epic series!Thanos was an incredible mix of mystery,dark,twists,awesome characters and steamy moments.Ella Frank did an amazing job with the storyline and the characters rocked this book!!

"I'm nobody's "
"You will be mine to protect and mine to fight beside.We will carry each other when one's burden is too heavy.And if your blood is ever spilled,I will be the one to avenge it."

In this book we finally has the chance to know more about Thanos and Eton and how they met.Also we have Paris, Leo's friend who is intrigued and interested for Thanos.Thanos and Paris had the sweetest relationship so far through the series.Paris was exactly what Thanos needed!It was amazing and brilliant seeing how all these characters were involved through these books.

This is the final book in The Masters among Monsters series and I'm really sad about this!I loved these characters and connected with them!Each of them were original and unique and always made me ached for more.

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How do you feel now that the Masters Among Monsters series has come to an end? Do you get emotional whenever you finish a series? 

I feel great! You know, it’s always satisfying to finish a book, but to finish a series feels like a completely different accomplishment. I do get emotional saying goodbye to characters, but I have to say I am very pleased with how it worked out and ended. So I am very fulfilled, and I hope readers of the series feel the same also.

What should people expect from Thanos' book?

Something a little darker, and less attraction based (that’s not to say there aren’t a lot of feelings going on) but in this book these characters are fighting for their lives. They are trying to survive, and while there are definitely attractions there, and relationships that are explored, the overall bigger picture is more desperate and hopefully will keep people on the edge of their seats.

Do you have a favorite character in the series and if yes who is he or she and why? 

I love all of them for very different reasons. But I will say that Vasilios and Leo were the most fun to write, while Thanos, Eton and Paris were by far the most emotional. So It is difficult for me to pick. Isadora was so fierce with all those men too. As you can see, I clearly can’t pick one. LOL.

The thing I love the most about you is that you aren't afraid to try different genres and you succeed in whatever you do. Is there any other genre that you would like to try? 

Thank you so much. I do love all kinds of genres…and I am always one to say – never say never. But if I had to pick the most unlikely I would say YA or NA. But when it comes to romance I am open to trying it all!

Any plans or projects for the future?

Ohhhh I have many!! Some I can tell you and some I can’t. I have the third book in the PresLocke Series that I write with Brooke Blaine, and I really want to dive back into the MF contemporary world this year too. So you will likely see some of that towards the end of the year. Annnnnnd everything else is a big SECRET ;)

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