New Review Menace by J.M. Darhower

Monday, January 16, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a guy who got so fed up with life that he resorted to murder and mayhem just to feel alive.

Lorenzo Gambini is bored. So f*cking bored. Most people either annoy him or avoid him, afraid to face him. Figuratively. Literally. With his face partially disfigured, scarred, he looks every bit the monster the stories make him out to be: the notorious menace they call Scar. They say he's a sociopath. Maybe he's a psychopath. Whatever path he's on, people tend to stay far away from it.

Until one day, a young woman bumps right into him--a woman just as fed up with life, but for much different reasons. With a Scarlet Letter inked on her wrist and secrets buried deep in her soul, Morgan Myers is running from something... or maybe somebody. Lorenzo isn't quite sure.

You can bet your ass he's going to figure it out, though.

*Scarlet Scars contains dark elements that may trigger sensitive readers*

Wow another fantastic story by J.M Darhower! I was hooked from the very beginning, the plot was unique and I was intrigued by the mystery around the story! This isn't your typical romance.


Lorenzo and Scarlet were both so alike but when these two get together it's like an explosion! The chemistry between these two was fantastic and the sexy scenes were passionate and super hot!

I'm eagerly awaiting the next book to see where JM Darhower leads us! If you are looking for a dark, addictive and refreshing read this is perfect!

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