NEW REVIEW: The Art of Sinning by Sabrina Jeffries

Monday, October 24, 2016
American artist Jeremy Keane refuses to return home and take over his father’s business. He’d much rather sample bevvies of beauties abroad, in search of a model for the provocative masterpiece he’s driven to paint. When he meets Lady Yvette Barlow at a London wedding, he realizes she’s perfect for his work—and determines to capture the young heiress’s defiant spirit and breathtaking sensuality on canvas.
No stranger to scandal, Yvette agrees to be Keane’s subject—in exchange for his help gaining entry to the city’s brothels he knows intimately, so she can track a missing woman and solve a family mystery. But when their practical partnership leads to lessons in the art of sinning, can they find a bold and lasting love?

“I’m no goddess,” she said, even as she exulted in his flatteries. “I’m a woman, with earthly needs and wants, not a creature of fantasy.”
“How well I know. Because I’m a man with earthly needs and wants, all of which have been centered around you for days now. You have no idea how desperately I desire you.”

This is my second historical romance by Sabrina Jeffries and like the first book, it was without a doubt 5 ++ stars. I'm suddenly realizing that Jeffries is an automatic buy author for me, her books are the perfect blend of sensuous romance, emotional angst and superb writing. Once I started this book, I found myself immersed in the story. I'll be honest and tell you that I prefer titled regency heroes, I have a soft spot for earls, marquess and barons but I'm mostly fond of Dukes. So imagine my surprise when I immediately fell for a plain old American heir, an artist at that! Artists have a bad reputation in historical romance.

Jeffries once again gives the reader an emotional story with unconventional characters. Yvette is on her way to being on the shelf, her unfashionable exotic looks bring the wrong sort of attention. If it isn't fortune hunters, then its rakes and rogues who take an interest in her. So understandably she resigns herself to never marrying. Jeremy is an infamous rake, who regularly visits the nunneries according to the ton. Jeremy is running from the demons in his past, estranged from his family in America he's a lone soul until Yvette starts making him remember what it is to be close to another person.

Both characters are not what they seem, both have been prematurely judged by society. I think that's probably why they were so drawn to one another. I loved how uncomplicated the plot was, yes there was mystery and intrigue but Jeffries doesn't overwhelm the reader with event after event leaving my head spinning. Like I said, I just sink into her stories.

This is perfect for readers who enjoy sumptuous romance and very emotional angst!

“You taste like sin, my Juno,” he murmured against her.”

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