NEW REVIEW: A Wicked Way to Win an Earl by Anna Bradley

Monday, September 19, 2016

A tantalizing new Regency romance filled with the most elegant society—and the most forbidden desires…
England, 1811. Delia Somerset despises the privileged ton, but her young sister, Lily, is desperate to escape their family’s scandalous past and join high society. Unwilling to upset her sister, Delia reluctantly agrees to attend a party at the Sutherland estate—and avoid the gossip at all costs.
Alec Sutherland is known as a hot-headed scoundrel, but nothing gets a rise out of him as much as the news that his brother desires Delia’s hand in marriage. She is, after all, the daughter of the London belle who soiled their family name. He’s determined to ruin her reputation as well, in the most delicious way possible. It’s only a matter of time before he can woo her with his irresistible advances.
As Delia devilishly plays along in Alec’s game, determined to prove the joke is on him, they inch ever closer to repeating history. And in this game of seductive glances, scandalous whispers, and old debts, the outcome might be much more than either of them anticipated…

I am speechless right now. That was amazing. A new to me author and I couldn't put the book down, as far as I can tell it was the authors debut work! And it was incredible! You know when you're reading a really good book and you keep on having to stop reading for sec and just absorb the absolute genius your experiencing. As far as blurbs go I was intrigued, the hero and heroines parents would have been married had the heroines mother not jilted the heroes father. So obviously there would be loads of tension but the story becomes even more delicious when the two characters begin a sort of game all with the goal of exacting revenge for their parents mistakes.

I have to give a special mention to Alec the hero because it has been a while since I've read about a hero who felt so deeply for the heroine, he was driven to madness. Because that's what happened Alec's, love and lust for Delia drove him crazy. He wanted her but felt she was unsuitable but he loathed the idea of her being with anyone else! I love that about him, he was darkly seductive and just so damn persistent in his unconscious pursuit of Delia!

“He didn’t realize he’d stopped walking. He took hold of her upper arm and turned her to face him, but resisted the urge to tip her chin up with his finger so she couldn’t look away from him. “I’m nothing like my father, Miss Somerset. If I admire something, I know why I admire it. If I desire something, I know why I desire it, and I have it.”

Delia along with her sister Lily arrival in Alec's and his family's home, brings a wave of upheaval. Mainly because as soon as Alec sees Delia, he wants her, but there's also the matter of his brother Robyn being besotted with her. Delia's character was wild and nonconforming which was exactly what Alec needed because he was in danger of falling into the trap his late father had left him.

I've read a few books recently with characters who are tortured by their pasts which can overwhelm the story if the characters is constantly in a state of self hate and pity. Thankfully that didn't happen here. The story was sexually charged and drenched in angst but there were some truly entertaining moments I can't tell you how many times I was in fits of laughter especially with the dinner scene and Delia having to sit next to the deaf major.

I'm gonna stress my love for this book again, and tell you're if you're ever gonna take a recommendation from me it should be this one!

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