ARC REVIEW: Mad for the Plaid by Karen Hawkins

Saturday, September 10, 2016
The third captivating, sizzling Scottish historical romance in New York Times bestseller Karen Hawkins's Princes of Oxenburg series. Fans of Julia Quinn, Monica McCarty and Julie Garwood will be enchanted by this dazzling read.
Prince Nikolai Romanovin is bored out of his bejeweled crown with London's society scene. If he has to make inane small talk or dance with one more tongue-tied virgin, he might actually run off. So when he gets word his beloved grandmother might be in danger back in his homeland of Oxenburg, Nik is all too willing to rush to the estate she's been staying in in the snow-capped mountains of Scotland. Arriving in secret only to find his grandmother missing, Nik devises a plan to switch identities with a member of his honor guard so he can move around freely without the pomp and circumstance that comes with the Crown Prince title. He relishes the freedom that comes with losing his title, until he spots her...

While her five older sisters all enjoyed seasons, got married to men of high station, and had children of their own, Ailsa, the baby of the family, was left at home to be raised by her absent father and her sharp-witted, but ailing grandmother after losing her mother in childbirth. Now twenty-nine years old, the sole caretaker of her grandmother, and the entrenched mistress of the castle, Ailsa has resigned herself to living at the castle and enjoying the amusements offered - spending time with her grandmother, copious amounts of reading, wild rides through the moors, and the occasional ball in the local town. All in all, it's a satisfying, if sedate, life . . . But when she meets a guard more handsome, and far more arrogant and sure of himself than any man she's ever met, she's determined to figure out his secrets, no matter the cost.
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“She was a graceful woman, this Ailsa of Castle Leod. She moved in a way that made him wish to see her on the dance floor. And in his bed.”

This was another new to me author that I thoroughly enjoyed. Mad for the plaid is the 3rd book in the Oxenburg Princes series. Ailsa is basically on the shelf, a spinster in the making. She manages her family home, while her father sees to his political agendas. All her sisters are married and the only person she has to worry about is her grandmother Lady Edna. Until Natasha Romanovin a Russian Duchess, grandmother to the crown prince and good friend to Lady Edna is kidnapped while visiting.

Which is how Nikolai Romanovin enters the story. When he receives a letter from Lady Ailsa in Scotland he immediately leaves to rescue his grandmother. From the very beginning Ailsa and Nik are at each others throats and the sexual tension is palpable! Their banter was hilarious and their few heated and sensual moments were scorching.

“She gasped against his mouth, pulling back as she fought for breath.
He reluctantly stopped the kiss, though his body ached. “I burn for you.” Never had he felt such desire. It crackled along his senses everytime she was near.

The story revolves around the kidnap of Nik's grandmother and a friend, and also the mystery surrounding the motive of the kidnap and the reason behind Nik's secrecy. As I read the book I was pretty sure I know who the enemy was and what the motive was but I'm glad to say that I never saw the outcome coming.

The story was loads of fun, romantic, suspenseful and comedic! I'll definitely be continuing this series!

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