Stage Dive The Complete Collection by Kylie Scott

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LickThe morning after celebrating her birthday in Vegas, Evelyn wakes up on a bathroom floor next to one of the hottest rock stars in the planet, wearing a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong…
now if she could just remember how it happened.PlayAnne never expected to meet the rock god who plastered her teenage bedroom walls—or to be paid to play pretend girlfriend to this wild, life-of-the-party drummer. But this temporary fix can’t end well, no matter how hot he is…or could it?Lead As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it—until he meets Lena, a new assistant hired to keep him out of trouble. But when Jimmy realizes that Lena’s the greatest thing that ever happened to him, can he convince her to risk it all and let her heart take the lead?DeepBen is the unattached rock god and Lizzy is the off-limits, best friend’s little sister. But after a mistake in Vegas, Lizzy and Ben’s lives are completely changed by two little positive lines on a pregnancy test—can this one night stand lead to a true connection of the heart?


"It was all a ruseYou're tricky,David Ferris.""And you're funny Evelyn Thomas."

Evelyn have plans to do..

She goes to Vegas with her best friend for her birthday and what happens??
She wakes up In a hotel room with a hang over puking and there is a glorious hunk of a man staring at Her,then she finds a ring on her finger and she found out that she is married with a rock star!!

But she doesn't remember anything..

"Let me get this straight, you don't remember anything?" "No," "What did we do last night?""We got fucking married,"he growled.

I'm freaking in love with David!!!

Wow He's so damn sweet,sensitive and attentive to Evelyn.
You can't help but fall in love with this gorgeous and broken soul.
Although he might have been a dick at times but there are reasons for him to behave rightfully....Through the craziness of their relationship he was protective and always putting Evelyn's needs before his..
I loved Evelyn too!!She is your usual ordinary girl!

So cute 

<3 br="">
"But I married you, Evelyn, because you made sense to me. We make sense. We're a whole lot better together than apart." 


What can I say about the sex scenes???????
OMG freaking delicious!!!I love all the hot scenes!!

“Can you feel what we’re doing here? We’re building something.”

The author managed to create two very believable characters!The tension between them keep me hooked!!
There are so many things I loved about this book!! 
If you're looking for some sweet,cute,funny and hot love story then I highly recommend this book for you!! 

For more reviews you can check mine and Kristinas's blog. :D


"Life's a song,Anne.Let's play."

Wow I'm a big fan of this series!!I loved Lick and I loved this one!!This book was so refreshing and funny!!I laughed so loud!!Mal is hilarious!I was really looking forward for his book!!

Anne wasn't lucky in her life.She is a good person, she cares for everyone but sometimes people take advantage of her..Her roommate walk out on her and her boss use her.When her friends asked her to go with them in a party, she decides to go with them..and there she will meet the drummer of the rock band Stage Dive, Mal!!


Mal is so funny also he is moody and manic!When he met Anne in the party he professes that she is his girlfriend!So they move in together!! And just like that, their crazy journey begins!


Anne gets to see a side of Mal that he doesn't share with many people.. Mal and Anne are steamy together, I loved their interactions.Both have their problems but they try to deal with them!Mal and Anne are not normal, they are complete opposites, which is exactly what makes their interactions so entertaining and this is what I really loved in this book!! While I was reading their dialogues I was giggling and swooning . ;DI loved Mal so much!!I liked that he is a little crazy, he wanted to live in the moment!I think he helps a lot Anne because she is the opposite of him! I loved Anne!She is a strong character a little crazy too :) but also she is lovely!

"Pumpkin, I'm always serious when it comes to you. Even when I'm messing around, I'm still serious as shit. Whatever you need, whatever I have to do. It's been that way since we met."


Kylie does a fantastic job!!I love her writing!!I look forward to reading the rest of the band mates stories!!

"Say it."A rare smile."I love you, Lena."

I can't even express how much I love the series! All the characters are amazing and each story is unique with their own way! In the beginning my favorite character was David, then Mal and now OMG this guy, *sigh* He won me over! Once again Kylie Scott managed to captivate me with her amazing and hilarious characters!!!

This book is about David's brother Jimmy Ferris.The lead singer for Stage Dive.I knew from the beginning that this book will be different. I mean Jimmy isn't like the other boys. He has previous issues with drugs and alcohol and now he needs to hire an assistant who will keep him company and will check on him.
He has had a lot assistants but nobody could deal with him! Until Lena the girl who will change his life!


Lena has gone through several heartbreaks and she know about bad boys!She knows that she must stay away of them! But because she needs the money she accepts the job.
Lena and Jimmy do not get along from the beginning, they need time.This is what makes the story so real Because in the real life, the same will have happened! At the beginning they become friends and believe me I liked them so much together! They made a hilarious combination! I laughed so much!

“You okay?” I asked.A nod.“Feeling a little emotional, huh?” I petted his hair. “That’s okay. It was an emotional blow job.”

Jimmy instantly became one of my favorite boys, now finally that I read his story! In the first book he was a jerk but he intrigued me and I wanted to know more about him! And when I learned that this was his story I was so excited! He is sexy and funny! And finally we learn so many things about him! He learned to trust Lena and they were friends.

"I'm all about you,Lena.You're my best friend.You're my girl."

I loved Lena! She is tough, hilarious and smart! She is definitely one of my favorite heroine! She was so independent I think I have a crush on her!
Except of hilarious these two also are so hot!!!


I'm a groupie of Stage Dive woohoo :))))
I can't wait for Ben's book! I highly recommend all the book in this series!!!
You must meet the members of Stage Dive!!


<333 strong="">

<333 strong="">One of the best series I have ever read! I can't believe that this is the last book! I'm going to miss all the characters! I don't know how but Kylie Scott managed to make me feel so connected with these characters and I'll always have them in my heart!! I really enjoyed this one! I started it and I couldn't put it down! So good! This was a sexy and funny romance!I honestly couldn't wait for Ben's story!He was a mystery to me and I wanted to know more about him!
<333 strong="">Lizzy is Anne's sister and Mal's sister in law so for Ben she is off limits.But Lizzy can't resist the irresistible sexy drummer!She has a crush on him and she will not stop until she had him!So when she finds the opportunity, she gets his number and start texting messages with him.Through the texts they develop a friendship with sexual tension.But Ben insists that they must stay friends and nothing more...

<333 strong="">description

<333 strong="">One night in Vegas will change their lives..Lizzy is now pregnant and when Ben learning about this at the beginning he freaks out.Lizzy doesn't expect a lot from him but she hopes that maybe something can change..Ben wants her near him to know she is ok so she follows the group on their tour. 
<333 strong="">Can they manage to find a way to be together as friends or as something more?

<333 strong="">description

<333 strong="">I loved Lizzy!!She is sassy, funny and strong!Definitely one of the best in the series!!And Ben, this sexy mystery guy, I loved him!!I loved his concern for Lizzy especially since he never wanted to be a father because he liked the way he was.And I can understand it however in the beginning he was a little jerk!But when he clearly saw what he wanted he become sweet and protected!

<333 strong="">description

<333 strong="">I loved how the story set up with us see how things are now and before how Ben and Lizzy met!!One more thing that I loved this book is that we still can see the others and believe it was so nice!!Mal is still the same amazing guy that I fell in love in Play!!He and Anne are hilarious!And I loved that he cared for Lizzy, his little sister in law. And Jimmy with it was nice to see them and they have a surprise!! But apart from them we see Ev and David and Martha...yes yes she is back! 

<333 strong="">I'm officially a groupie of Stage Dive and I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to read funny and sexy books!!Now I'm more eager for the new series Dive Bar!!The sexy redhead Vaughn intrigued me and now I want to know more about him!!! 
<333 strong=""> 


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